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Written by Gordon Goh

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The best way to identify if a prospect fits your 'best customer profile' is to ask some great questions. Askrepparttar following:

* Which of your customers arerepparttar 119436 easiest to work with? * Which of your customers dorepparttar 119437 most businesses with you? * Which of your customers give yourepparttar 119438 most headaches?

The answers to these questions will tell you where you should be investing your time. Becauserepparttar 119439 goal is to get great results, which leads us torepparttar 119440 last and fifth way... 5. Be Results Driven. No more excuses for not doing anything. In fact, do not bother to find reasons for non-achievements, and instead spendrepparttar 119441 time on achieving something else to compensate forrepparttar 119442 lack of achievement. Be ruthless. Giverepparttar 119443 best to your customers by learningrepparttar 119444 keys to customer service. Set a goal to increase your business profits by a quantum leap now.

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Employees - Treat them the way they Expect to be Treated

Written by Alan Fairweather

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We all seerepparttar world in a different way based on our culture and how we were brought up. So it's very important to understand this, particularly when you give your people feedback be it good or bad.

Last year I spent several weeks in a particular hotel running seminars and I started to get to know some ofrepparttar 119435 staff. One day I noticed that Carolrepparttar 119436 conference manager had been named employee ofrepparttar 119437 month and her photograph was displayed inrepparttar 119438 reception area. When I congratulated her on this honour I was a bit surprised at her reaction - "I hate it, I'm so embarrassed," she complained.

Carol didn't likerepparttar 119439 attention she was getting and as a result, this recognition by her manager didn't motivate her. Another member ofrepparttar 119440 team could possibly see this completely differently and regard it as a great honour.

If you have good rapport with your people then you become sensitive to how they see things. The successful business person understands each member of their team and doesn't reward everyone inrepparttar 119441 same way.

I've often heard managers say - "I treat peoplerepparttar 119442 way I expect to be treated." The successful manager says - "I treat peoplerepparttar 119443 way THEY expect to be treated."

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