Improve Your Home’s Landscape in 6 Easy Steps

Written by Tom Ridgeway

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Everyone has battledrepparttar tangled mess ofrepparttar 142000 garden hose at some time. Endrepparttar 142001 tangles this summer with a decorative hose holder. The holder will keeprepparttar 142002 hose neatly coiled while providing another decorative accent to enhancerepparttar 142003 look of your home.


The spigot is another opportunity to add torepparttar 142004 character of your home. By changing your spigots you can make a significant change torepparttar 142005 look of your home and garden. With such a wide variety of shapes to choose from, there’s no reason not to replace those tarnished old spigots with new brass ones. Have your children pick a faucet ornament that depicts their favorite pet, animal, bird or other theme and place a different spigot on each outdoor faucet (the kids will love this!). It’s a simple change that will upgraderepparttar 142006 look of your home.


Create a beautiful accent forrepparttar 142007 entry of your home with an address plaque. The address plaque can be personalized with your name and address in a classic and elegant manner. Or, add a welcome mat with a design that reflects your style. Welcome mats can also be personalized with your name. Address plaques and welcome mats are easy and quick ways to accentrepparttar 142008 entry to your home.

Follow these 6 steps today and makerepparttar 142009 most of your home and garden. A few simple touches can take your home’s look and character from ordinary to outstanding!


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The Container Vegetable Garden

Written by Vince Apps

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Seeds can either be planted either directly intorepparttar container or started in a smaller pot and transplanted once large enough to handle. Always plant more seeds than you need in each container since there will seldom be 100% germination. Duringrepparttar 141878 winter, seeds can be encouraged to grow early when placed next to a water heater or other warm (not hot) place. Make sure that you move these to a sunny position as soon as they appear aboverepparttar 141879 soil.

Ideally, containers should be placed where they receive at least 6 hours of sunlight per day. Plants that bear fruit, such as tomatoes, peppers and eggplants requirerepparttar 141880 most sun. Many herbs and leafy vegetables will tolerate more shade. Plants growing in containers require frequent watering especially if outdoors. Duringrepparttar 141881 hot summer months many will require daily watering.

Plants will need fertilizer duringrepparttar 141882 growing season. The easiest way to add fertilizer is to use a commercial mix such as Miracle-Gro. Followrepparttar 141883 directions and do not over feed. Most potting soils will have sufficient nutrients forrepparttar 141884 first few weeks.

Harvest whenrepparttar 141885 plants are mature but still young and tender. Small sprigs of most herbs can be clipped as needed andrepparttar 141886 plant will continue to grow.

Vince Apps is the editor of a number of gardening sites including Manual of Gardening and Home Vegetable Gardening.

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