Improve Your Bottom Line, Benefit From Employee Ideas

Written by Chuck Yorke

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Engaging employees in improving their work creates new levels of communication and givesrepparttar ownership of improvements torepparttar 119457 worker. We now recognize that “you know your job better then management does because you arerepparttar 119458 one that does it every day.” Since people arerepparttar 119459 expert in their work, who better to come up with ideas to improve it then them. We all want, need and deserve respect. Engaged people seerepparttar 119460 fruits of their labor as other people have accepted their ideas. They now receive positive feedback for a “job well done.”

Any process, any product, any service can be made better in some way, somehow. One plant manager said, “It used to be that my problem solvers were solelyrepparttar 119461 management team, but now my problem solvers are everybody inrepparttar 119462 building.” How can you beat that?

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Chuck Yorke is an organizational development and performance improvement specialist, trainer, consultant and speaker. He is co-author of "All You Gotta Do Is Ask," a book which explains how to promote large numbers of ideas from employees. Chuck may be reached at

Employee Motivation - Get The Basics Right First

Written by Martin Haworth

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  • Achievable Goals By being really, really clear about what you expect from your employees, you will setrepparttar scene for commited staff. Through knowing exactly what their performance should look like to be judged excellent, by you, gets buy-in, big-time. So be clear, give themrepparttar 119456 resources to achieve success and they will be well onside.

  • Being Thanked As they do a good job for you each day - tell them! Appreciation for acheiving success, especially when it's fromrepparttar 119457 boss is so important. So recognising excellent performance, even for small tasks, cost nothing and takes but a moment - worth building into your day job activities - every day!

  • Challenge People like to do new things, to explore, to seek out and utilise their potential, Sometimes this means they will have to be 'stretched' in what they do. With a helping hand, to support, coach and growrepparttar 119458 skills of your people, you are setting in place a keen, ambitious and ready-for-the-next-experience star inrepparttar 119459 making. So find new ways to develop them.

  • Security In today's business climate, it isn't always easy to buildrepparttar 119460 best future consistently - things change too much, too quickly. But you can go some way to ensure that it is a safe place to be. With this level of security, your people will loosen up and feel capable of being with you, rather than against. It is a measure of your own leadership as to how well this works. These are basics for your people - get these right and you will be 85% there, in having motivated people working with you. Then you can turn onrepparttar 119461 charm, get radical and creative and find them right there alongside you (in front even!). Focused on building your business strongly.

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