Improve The Odds

Written by Carole Lipari

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Step Out Of The Bubble The level of intimacy new couples find online is all but impossible inrepparttar real world. Online there are no distractions, two people are completely devoted torepparttar 132566 conversation, differences can be ignored or resolved easily and no outside forces vie for anyone's attention. But step out of that bubble and you really find out how compatible two people are (or aren't). When someone sits down to chat onrepparttar 132567 computer they haverepparttar 132568 time and inclination to talk. But away fromrepparttar 132569 computer there are so many parts of life and activities to consider. Will you want to dorepparttar 132570 same things and giverepparttar 132571 same amount of time and energy to a relationship? Or will you discover that one wants a bit of quality time together amid a busy life full of obligations and activities whilerepparttar 132572 other wants 24/7 togetherness? There is no universal time frame for how quickly a couple should step out ofrepparttar 132573 bubble and test their compatibility in person but it is wise for every couple to realize there is no guarantee thatrepparttar 132574 compatibility you feel online will berepparttar 132575 same offline. Best to keep your expectations in check until you've spent real time together inrepparttar 132576 real world.

Keep It Safe You can ask allrepparttar 132577 right questions, take allrepparttar 132578 right precautions and still end up meeting someone in person that you do not feel comfortable with. No matter how much magic you feel online, don't put yourself at risk by taking shortcuts when it comes to your personal safety. If you truly have found someone you will have a long happy relationship with, there's no harm in delaying being alone together until you are as sure as possible that you will be safe. Always meet forrepparttar 132579 first time in a public place and have your own transportation available to get to and fromrepparttar 132580 date. Take every precaution you would when meeting a total stranger because, even though you may have chatted online for months, when it comes to physical safety this is a first date with a stranger.

There are many more good people than bad online but be sure you have one ofrepparttar 132581 good ones before trusting them with your safety or your heart and you'll definitely improverepparttar 132582 odds that your relationship will work.

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Another Look At Evolution

Written by TrysDan Roberts

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When he reached an area about a foot and a half in front of Noah, he stopped abruptly. Without taking his eyes off him,repparttar stranger slowly opened his mouth and began to speak.

"You, Noah Paul King, have been brought torepparttar 132563 highest court inrepparttar 132564 universe, at my request, to tell your truth, and nothing but your truth, so help your God."

His hollow, gruff voice hammered likerepparttar 132565 final nail driven into a coffin.

He paused, and his smile transformed into a devious grin, revealing a distinct set of pearly white teeth. Noah stared in complete bewilderment.

After a moment of desperate search, Noah seized his voice.

"Ah, okay."

Without warning,repparttar 132566 man erupted in a fit of laughter.

"Okay? Is that all you have to say?"

Noah wiped his sweaty forehead with his shirtsleeve. The stranger grinned, enjoying his anxiety.

"Well, I'm puzzled," Noah replied.

"I bet you are," he laughed.

"I have no idea where I am, and what I am being charged with, and..."

"Wait,"repparttar 132567 stranger interrupted, "itsrepparttar 132568 Your God thing, isnt it?"


This has got to be some sort of hallucination, Noah thought.

"I can eliminate your confusion simply," he said. "First of all, you are not on trial. You are here as a witness forrepparttar 132569 Defense. Secondly, it is I,repparttar 132570 Prosecutor, assigned torepparttar 132571 trial. And thirdly, this isrepparttar 132572 best part..."

By now,repparttar 132573 man was snickering devilishly.

"You knowrepparttar 132574 term God, that is used to identifyrepparttar 132575 Creator?" Noah was not sure if he was asking him a question or making a statement. Feelingrepparttar 132576 dampness behind his neck grow cold, he answered with a blunt, "Yes."

"Well,"repparttar 132577 man said, "I am pleased to inform you that this higher being does in fact exist. You are here not only as a witness, but also as evidence of His creation. You have been assigned withrepparttar 132578 delightful task of defending Him."

Staring intently into his eyes, Noah felt as though he was just caught with his pants down.

After a moment of gathering his thoughts, Noah was overcome withrepparttar 132579 realization that everything he believed in for such a long time was instantly annihilated - road kill.

With allrepparttar 132580 vast knowledge he had acquired overrepparttar 132581 years, only one futile thought emerged: Oops

The Sinking Of Noah's Ark (ISBN:1589392191)

Copyright 2002,2003 TrysDan Roberts

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