Importance of Using ALT Text and Heading Tags

Written by Rob Wiley

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Now that you know what Google is looking for, you need to know what to put into these areas. As it stands, I have found outrepparttar hard way that it is a must for you to use alt text and heading tags.

The text you need to insert into these areas would berepparttar 118032 most relevant search terms that surfers are typing intorepparttar 118033 search engines that relate to that particular page. It's that easy! Not really but if you have not set your pages in this manner or if you are missing any one ofrepparttar 118034 combinations you might be loosing points from Google and other search engines page ranking system. There are plenty of tools onrepparttar 118035 market that can help with page optimization. One of my favorites is Web Position Gold. Web Position Gold will generate pages that are automatically optimized. The program also has a tool called Page Critic which will analyze your existing pages and offer suggestions for better optimization. You can tryrepparttar 118036 program for free at If you have any questions about page optimization just give me an email, or read some of my other articles on page optimization at Happy page building!

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Site Personalization With PHP

Written by Robert Plank

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If you want to go ahead and shortenrepparttar URL even further, you can even userepparttar 118031 letters "F" and "L" instead of firstname and lastname.

For example, try this in your page:

And then use this URL (substituting with your correct URL, of course):

The result isrepparttar 118032 same. I think we want our URLs to look a little better, though.

The format I used in that above example was:

Now,repparttar 118033 problem with this is that this link looks really ugly. Another setback with this format is that anything torepparttar 118034 right ofrepparttar 118035 "?" won't be indexed by some ofrepparttar 118036 smaller search engines.

Here's a way to change this:

To this:

It's really easy. Just change your script to this:

$myvars = explode("/",$REQUEST_URI); for ($i=0;$iecho "$f $l";


And in just a few lines of code, your personalized PHP script's URL just looked a whole lot better.

I won't bore you withrepparttar 118037 details of what that script does, but it basically chops uprepparttar 118038 URL you gave it and picks outrepparttar 118039 pieces it wants using array exploding and variable-variables.

This snippet can also be used on almost any PHP script as well. (I used this method when I coded Brian Garvin's Lightning Track ad tracker... if you ever see a URL anywhere with "go.php/etc" in it, that's my script.)

Hopefully we all learned something today. This mini-tutorial was brought to you byrepparttar 118040 letters "P-H-P."

Article by Robert Plank

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