Importance of Technical Education .

Written by Waseem Hyder

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As far as Pakistan’s implementation in techno field is concern, we can look around and observe that in every field of life we are using high class technologies whether it is inrepparttar Industrial purpose, business purpose, agriculture purpose or defensive purpose. There has been a lot of emergence of on-line trading, which deals with high technological concerns in term of machinery and software. Pakistan Telecommunication field also deal with high-class technology. Pakistan also promises to produce best technicians of its own through their technical education centers which allow approximately allrepparttar 110034 faculties for technical development. These institutes also supportrepparttar 110035 new courses of technology which are introduced at a time so that there would be no line at which we lay behind. The most important institutes of in Pakistan which supportrepparttar 110036 technical courses include, NED University, GIK University, Karachi University, Mehran University and there are also some other private Universities which deal in technological subjects. These institutes promise to produce technicians who cold meetrepparttar 110037 challenges ofrepparttar 110038 technological era. I feel proud when I watchrepparttar 110039 students rushing towards these technical institutes to become a prosperous technician who have a sense of responsibility forrepparttar 110040 progress of their nation. Technical education promotesrepparttar 110041 material prosperity and economic advancement. It producesrepparttar 110042 sense of self-respect and dignity. If a country has her own technical experts, she can save a lot of foreign exchange i.e. Technical Education makes a country rich, prosperous and resourceful. Our country is rich in raw material resources butrepparttar 110043 thing is, we must have enough technical knowledge to benefit from them.

BY: WASEEM HAIDER. BS(SE). 2nd Semester,(KU). 0333-3271505.

BSSE(karachi university). 2nd semester.

How To Buy At Wholesale Prices

Written by Mark Eastwood

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They will not turn away potentially massive business so as long as you appear to be a trader you are in. Remember - someone running a market stall is a trader who may become a shopkeeper who may turn into a chain. Wholesalers don’t ONLY deal with huge retailers.

As well as keepingrepparttar prices under wrapsrepparttar 110033 main obstacle is by getting you to fill in some application forms. You will generally need to phone or fax a wholesaler to get these – warning, your emails can get completely ignored as customer service is way down on their priority list.

Now let’s get your story right. Many wholesalers will say that they deal with trade only. There is no need to be a shop owner. Trade can be mail-order viarepparttar 110034 Internet (i.e. eBay). If asked I would use this description as well as saying you trade via market stalls. Only volunteer this information if asked as many wholesalers won’t even bother – they are busy people and sometimesrepparttar 110035 rules are lax.

Make up a trade name – it sounds better to them. Using your initials is always good i.e. JB Trading.

Sometimes they have large minimum orders (i.e. £100) to put people off although mostly they don’t. Sometimes this only applies torepparttar 110036 first order.

If you are really unlucky then they may ask for proof of trading such as letterhead, business card or an invoice from someone. Even this is quite easy – just concoct something using your word processor i.e. Word and they will accept it – let’s not forget that you are not claiming to be a huge retailer just a small-time trader. You don’t have to have a limited company or be a corporation, most businesses inrepparttar 110037 world are run as one-man bands.

When you contact them ask for a catalogue. They will generally just ask for your name and address. Use your ‘trading name’ and use your home address and home phone number. Perhaps ask them if they have a minimum order size.

Another obstacle is that they sometimes ask for references. In my experience these are never followed up but are another way to put offrepparttar 110038 ‘average Joe’. It would be quite easy to use a friend i.e. SP International Export (and using your friends address).

Applying for a credit account is not a good idea as they are then very likely to really want references. Mostly you can pay by credit card and thereforerepparttar 110039 checks on you are minimal or non-existent.

Once you have played byrepparttar 110040 rules and jumped through a few hoops you will have access torepparttar 110041 trade prices and information. Once you are in – you are in so this is just an initial inconvenience.

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Mark Eastwood is author of the best-selling book: How To Buy Cheap DVDs and Games and Make Money - this article can be reproduced and published as long as it is credited to Mark Eastwood, and the web address of is displayed.

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