Importance of Backups

Written by Grant McNamara

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So if you are running a business based around a computer a regular backup of your data files is an absolute must. In my experience as a computer consultant many timesrepparttar data has been lost because of a burglary. If your house or office is burgled invariably theives take computers. They are easily carried and readily sold.

And this raisesrepparttar 107837 question of what should you backup? Well that's a hard question to answer because everyone's computer is different so I'll explain what I backup on my computer. My computer runsrepparttar 107838 Microsoft Windows operating system and has a single 'C:' disk drive.

I have all of my data stored in directories as follows: C:WebSItes (the source of all my web sites, including text, graphics and scripts). C:Work which is where I keep all correspondence and general junk C:Courses where allrepparttar 107839 text to my courses is held C:My Download Files where all original files of software that I download are stored.

The other directory I copy is C:Documents and Settings which is where email files are stored. Without my email I'd be out of business!

My backup system is simple, a CD writer, some blank CDs and Nero Burning software (came free withrepparttar 107840 CD writer).

And once I've taken my backup I takerepparttar 107841 CDs to a friend's house for safe keeping. I do this every week.

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Keep A Diary Of Your Computer

Written by Grant McNamara

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If you downloadedrepparttar software then you at least needrepparttar 107836 URL where you purchasedrepparttar 107837 software from.

If you have a record ofrepparttar 107838 software's acquisition then you can prove torepparttar 107839 original supplierrepparttar 107840 fact of your purchase and most suppliers will provide a copy (perhaps with a small handling charge). Obviously if you can't prove your purchase then bad luck you're going to have to buy it again!

As an aside, whenever possible make a backup copy of all software you purchase before you install it. Most software is readily copyable, both technically and legally. Every software license agreement I have ever seen allowsrepparttar 107841 software to be copied for a legitimate backup purpose. And as with any backup, it should kept at a different location thanrepparttar 107842 computer.

In addition, if you make any upgrades torepparttar 107843 software then full details of these should also be recorded.

Similar records should be maintained of your hardware. As a minimum, record serial numbers of all hardware items, along with cost, date and where purchased. For an insurance claim or Police report these are vital facts.

I also find it useful to keep a page devoted to my internet connection. This includes allrepparttar 107844 details needed to connect such as TCP/IP address (or phone number if on dial-up), sign-in and email address and passwords, server details such as pop and smtp names and any security options you've selected. Whilst all of this information is relatively simple to setup again, withoutrepparttar 107845 details it can be very time consuming.

Another page should be devoted torepparttar 107846 operating system. My current computer was purchased about 18 months ago and came with a copy of Windows 98. I subsequently upgraded to Windows 98 SE, then earlier last year I bought an upgrade copy of Windows XP. And so to rebuildrepparttar 107847 software environment I'd need to reinstall Windows 98, performrepparttar 107848 upgrade to SE and then performrepparttar 107849 upgrade to Windows XP. Without a few notes in my diary I'd probably not rememberrepparttar 107850 sequence of events. Likely my new computer would have a copy of Windows with it and so this page would be unnecessary. But if you're only replacing a failed hard drive then this information is necessary.

Perhaps you think hard drives don't fail. I live in a small town with a population of 30,000 people. A good friend owns repparttar 107851 only computer shop. He advises that not a day goes by when at least one person doesn't come in with a broken hard drive.

One last thought, throughout your diary make notes of any special options or features that you install or set.

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