Importance Of Having Your Own Domain Name

Written by Sumantra Roy

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4) Many search engines give a lot of emphasis torepparttar home page of a particular domain, i.e. other things remainingrepparttar 131644 same, a home page of a domain will often rank higher for a particular keyword than any other page. When you use some ofrepparttar 131645 free hosting services, your index.html page isrepparttar 131646 home page of your site, but not of that domain. Hence in these search engines, your site will find it very difficult to make it torepparttar 131647 top 20 or top 30, let alonerepparttar 131648 top 10 for some ofrepparttar 131649 really competitive keywords. Just think ofrepparttar 131650 amount of traffic that you will lose if this happens.

5) Some search engines are now refusing to spiderrepparttar 131651 web sites which are hosted byrepparttar 131652 free web hosts. For instance, if you have a site hosted byrepparttar 131653 free web hosts, you would, until recently, have gotrepparttar 131654 infamous error message saying that too many pages have been submitted from your site if you tried to submit your site to AltaVista. While AltaVista now says that "your URL has been submitted for processing" if you try to submit your site, rest assured that it will not spider any site belonging to many ofrepparttar 131655 free web hosts even though it says that your site has been accepted. Can you afford that?

6) When your site is hosted by some ofrepparttar 131656 free web hosts, you will find it very difficult to get it listed in a major directory like Yahoo!. Although Yahoo! will never admit that it won't add a commercial site which is being hosted in one ofrepparttar 131657 free web hosts, in practice, it will be a miracle if you can get your site listed by Yahoo!!. Listing your site with Yahoo! is difficult enough even when you have your own domain. Don't make your task more difficult than what it needs to be.

If you do not currently have a domain name, are you convinced that you need one right now? The small fee that you pay per year for your own domain name is peanuts compared torepparttar 131658 benefits that you get. You can check outrepparttar 131659 availability of domain names and register new domains at:

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Self appointed Guruís, black hat SEO, link exchanges, and other things that go bump on the internet

Written by James R. Sanders

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My preferences arerepparttar ones that put allrepparttar 131643 information right out front and tell yourepparttar 131644 facts. You need to pick someone that can provide you with real life examples and isnít afraid to tell you how they accomplish their objectives. Once you have those real life examples, go to your favorite search engines and do a search onrepparttar 131645 keywords provided. Ifrepparttar 131646 sites rank inrepparttar 131647 top page or two,repparttar 131648 keywords are competitive, andrepparttar 131649 company has ranked more poorly inrepparttar 131650 past, then you have probably found yourself a competent and reliable SEO company. I like SEOís like this because they have nothing to hide, so that shows me they use ethical and accepted market practices to help their clients rank better. I especially likerepparttar 131651 ones that tell you they can help improve your rankings, but do not guarantee you top 10 placements. In my opinion, these arerepparttar 131652 realists ofrepparttar 131653 SEO market. These arerepparttar 131654 ones that have been around long enough to know what works and what doesnít, will dorepparttar 131655 best to help improve your ranking, but arenít going to make promises they canít deliver on. These types will always hold a credible place within my mind. Any SEO company reluctant to tell you how they are going to gain yourepparttar 131656 rankings or who wonít provide you real life examples probably has something to hide. Even worse, they probably use black hat SEO strategies that could get your web site banned from search engines. Stay away from them and find someone who will be honest with you.

Link exchanges and other urban legends Ė Finding things that will actually work.

My next favorite urban legend is link exchanges, just as bad asrepparttar 131657 others Iíve written about in this article, and just as confusing inrepparttar 131658 amount of information to be found about them onrepparttar 131659 internet. In fact, mostrepparttar 131660 topics in this article have to do with increasing web site popularity and traffic, but findingrepparttar 131661 reliable information to do it. And this topic is no different fromrepparttar 131662 others. The biggest problem with this topic isrepparttar 131663 potential for abuse, andrepparttar 131664 lack of targeted traffic you will get out of it. What sense does it make to increase your web site traffic ifrepparttar 131665 traffic is not targeted, wonít click on your links, and is therefore generally useless? Why would I say such a thing? I say it because of an article I recently read from Exact Seekís AllBusinessNews newsletter.

I recently opened my email client to find an article entitled ďTraffic Exchanges: Avoidingrepparttar 131666 Pitfalls and Ensuring Successful CampaignsĒ. In this article,repparttar 131667 author suggests setting up 10 accounts and linkingrepparttar 131668 ten accounts together. His example tells you to link #1 to #2, #2 to #3, #3 to #4, and so on until you get to ten. Then he suggests spending an hour a day clicking on your own 10 links for about a month. He figures that byrepparttar 131669 end of this time you should have about 500 page views across 10 exchanges for 5000 page views per day. Therefore, thatís 5000 page views a day from one webmaster just clicking links to elevate their own program. What happens when itís 100 webmasters, or 500 webmasters or more, doingrepparttar 131670 same thing? Iíll tell you, lots of pop-overs or pop-unders doing absolutely nothing for your web site. None of those clicks are targeted, and none of them are going to help you to sell your products or services as affectively as spending your time on other targeted means of generating web site traffic. Worst of all, they are all clicks from webmasters who arenít looking to buy anything, but instead trying to elevate their own traffic exchange program atrepparttar 131671 expense of allrepparttar 131672 other program members.

Yes, I admit this scheme will get you some traffic over time, but again, if this traffic is not targeted and looking to purchase your offers, then what good is it to you? The only thing it will get you is some higher rankings in Alexa or some ofrepparttar 131673 other traffic reporting sites, a hosting company that could start charging you more for your hosting, and a whole lot of useless traffic that isnít going to buy a thing you are promoting on your site. Your time would be better spent developing your web site content or working with a reputable SEO company to increase your site ranking, or finding other web sites and webmasters with comparable non-competing content to link to your site. Onrepparttar 131674 other hand, maybe you could spendrepparttar 131675 time writing some articles for submission just as I do and get some valuable one-way links to your site. Almost anything else is going to be better than using such link exchanges, especially if it is time in reading reliable articles to educate yourself to get repparttar 131676 most out of your web site design or promotion time.

Other things that go bump onrepparttar 131677 internet Ė How to avoid nightmares after parting with your hard earned cash.

Itís amazingrepparttar 131678 amount of information to be found on web site design, marketing, and affiliate programs. Itís all rather scary when you look at it. Everyone wants your attention so they can pitch their ďsilver bulletĒ to cure your web site woes. There are so many people and companies out there making so many promises that itís really quite difficult to separaterepparttar 131679 fact fromrepparttar 131680 chaff and hype. They all want you to think that their solution isrepparttar 131681 end all to your problems, and although any one of them in particular might actually have that solution, it becomes increasingly difficult to differentiate betweenrepparttar 131682 honest businesses and repparttar 131683 quacks. If it sounds too good to be true, then remember, it probably is too good to be true. Aboutrepparttar 131684 only thing guaranteed to solve your problems is either self-education that allows you to understand and fix your own problems or never ending deep pockets full of cash to payrepparttar 131685 ďexpertsĒ to fixrepparttar 131686 problems for you. The problem becomes findingrepparttar 131687 reputable ďexpertsĒ that can truly help you, or dorepparttar 131688 work for you, to fixrepparttar 131689 problems that ail you.

Takerepparttar 131690 time to dorepparttar 131691 research. Donít be fooled byrepparttar 131692 hype, learn to look PAST it. Donít get caught up inrepparttar 131693 emotion, which is whatrepparttar 131694 web site designers and marketers WANT you to do. If they can get you caught up in emotion, they can convince you to throw caution torepparttar 131695 wind and buy their products or services without much thought. Takerepparttar 131696 time to dorepparttar 131697 research on them. It could meanrepparttar 131698 difference between findingrepparttar 131699 solutions you seek and loosing money to a quack.

James R. Sanders is the owner of Sanders Consultation Group Plus. He has been a webmaster and web site designer since 1997, and involved in self-employment ventures since 1992. He is presently a contributing author of NewbieHangout, and has been published through WebProNews. You can email him at

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