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The Tree of Life has a lot of sephirah and each sphere or sephirah can take a whole lifetime of study inrepparttar orthodox Jewish systems such asrepparttar 142723 Hassidim. The Zohar was made byrepparttar 142724 Spanish Sephardic Jews during a time they were put upon or persecuted inrepparttar 142725 Middle Ages. The Tree of Yggdrasil in North America that (I think Druidic Masons brought torepparttar 142726 Mediwiwin Society aroundrepparttar 142727 time Rome put a bounty onrepparttar 142728 heads of Picts (red-shanks) from Ir (Lost) land.) was studied byrepparttar 142729 Lafittes who are both Masons and Jews but also seem to have been inrepparttar 142730 inner sanctums aboverepparttar 142731 Masons or Jesuits.

Jean Lafitte may even have been a lot like Hitler,repparttar 142732 first Baird Baron, Charles Martel, Napoleon and many more. He may have been a Merovingian offspring and part of their sex or genetic ritual programming. I think his penchant for alchemy is a key clue that causes me to think he is a lot like Nostradamus whose family hailed fromrepparttar 142733 same region and who was also a Jew or Cathar like Columbus. David Ovason isrepparttar 142734 only true esoteric scholar I have found on Nostradamus. He says this man was an Hibernian like Bernard of Clairvaux and others I have researched including agent provocateurs like Hitler and Robespierre as well as Thomas Jefferson. Again I state with certainty –repparttar 142735 Bruttii (De Brix/ De Medicis, Bruges, Bruce, Stewart/Stuart, Merovingian/Benjaminite) are all Jews. They arerepparttar 142736 noble leaders of people in many lands includingrepparttar 142737 De Danaan likerepparttar 142738 Ptolemies who also came to America in a large group and settled nearrepparttar 142739 mounds aroundrepparttar 142740 same time many other esoteric Gaedhils were getting away from Empire as Romans (including Antonine and other equestrian noble ‘farmers or ‘Bauers’ [Rothschild]) were developing it.

Another larger group came later –repparttar 142741 Ostrogoths. So do not accept a history that statesrepparttar 142742 Ostrogoths (Ostro means ‘light’ as in en-light-ened or Alumbrados/Illuminati) merely disappeared from Italy or disease must have put an end to their Empire inrepparttar 142743 time afterrepparttar 142744 fictional FALL of Rome. Please check into Gran Pajaten and Rhoda as well asrepparttar 142745 Prince of Palenque. LAFITTES ARE MASONIC JEWS:

One Mason friend of mine has told me about inner sanctum Tiqqun or Tikkun rituals ofrepparttar 142746 Masons. I am certain much Hebraic knowledge is inrepparttar 142747 cabals of Masonry and I have demonstrated this in many books.

“The Encyclopedia Britannica claims that "nothing authentic" is known about Lafitte's early years, and concludes that afterrepparttar 142748 Americans destroyed his Galveston Bay community, Lafitte "picked a crew to man his favorite vessel, The Pride, and sailed away torepparttar 142749 legendary realms from which he had come."

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Sudan: Submitting the Criminals to The ICC!

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The question is why Buch Administration afraid of such investigations and discovery to crimes committed by any US citizen inrepparttar Darfurian case?

It's obvious that some ofrepparttar 142495 Darfurian rebels has an American nationalities. But that's notrepparttar 142496 strong case, sincerepparttar 142497 question is, is there any "American finger" in any Darfurian crimes?

This situtaion declares very well that Buch Administration is not after justice and it's not up to its human tasks to protect human rights overseas.

Well, I can see well that duringrepparttar 142498 corridor's talks, news was heard that China will userepparttar 142499 Veto against any resolution to submit those dictators torepparttar 142500 ICC. But China chose to be "neutral" inrepparttar 142501 last vote.

This Chinese attitude indicates that China has been forced byrepparttar 142502 USA to withhold withrepparttar 142503 Veto. But China playedrepparttar 142504 game throughrepparttar 142505 American pressures in a manner that will prevent any lose to its interests inrepparttar 142506 Sudanese Oil Industry.

Aha, Money talks toorepparttar 142507 same way as politics does!

A lot of people in Africa andrepparttar 142508 Middle East now believe that those International powers do not care about human rights. Their cry for human rights is only allegations to hide their economical interests.

Khalid Osman

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