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Written by Edward Hasting-Evans - Apple Marketing

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This does not mean that you should give up all hope and packrepparttar web in. It just means you have to keep things in proportion. Spend some time making sure that your web pages are search engine friendly, but spend more time onrepparttar 147188 content.

No matter what you do if you don't have contentrepparttar 147189 search engines are never going to bring you any serious traffic. More importantly good quality content will help you sell your services and products better and will improverepparttar 147190 image you portray to potential clients (a sweeping statement but I’m sure you takerepparttar 147191 point).

There are also a number of other methods of marketing your organisation onrepparttar 147192 web such as email, pay-per-click and much more. But as always, keep things in proportion torepparttar 147193 expected return, otherwise you may find that at best you getrepparttar 147194 visits but notrepparttar 147195 profits!

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Search Engine Optimization Firm Dominates Ontario Hospitality Marketing

Written by Mark Coles

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The other thing that First Page SEO does very well is paying attention to search engine trends and changes inrepparttar algorithms. “We are always testing ahead to have a better idea of what’s going on”, says Coles. “We also look atrepparttar 147090 logic of changes overrepparttar 147091 long term and whetherrepparttar 147092 situation demands changes on our part or perhaps just a passing fad - we don’t jump at every blip on our radar screen”, adds Coles.

Coles should know, he’s been atrepparttar 147093 top of marketing and IT for some ofrepparttar 147094 largest corporations in Canada including Ontario Hydro and Hydro One and is also a former resort owner.

Severn Lodge at www.severnlodge.on.ca is one of First Page SEO’s clients. “First Page SEO built and marketed our web site” says Rick Breckbill, an owner ofrepparttar 147095 exclusive Muskoka resort. “We’ve been in this business for several generations and now I’m amazed atrepparttar 147096 shift to bookings fromrepparttar 147097 internet. We weren’t getting everything we needed from our old web site but our new site is built for web placement and just rakes inrepparttar 147098 hits” adds Breckbill.

Mark Coles First Page SEO offers free internet marketing tips on the News section of its web site and can be contacted at www.first-page-seo.com or (705) 286-3656

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