If we are eating 99% fat free, why are we 99% fat?!

Written by Sheridan Woodcroft

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that’s just halfrepparttar story. Most people, when trying low fat diets, go torepparttar 140136 store and start reading labels and looking for anything that has zero fat. People then think, “Great, I can eat all I want.” They eat almost no fat at all - and end up gaining weight! That’s why you need to knowrepparttar 140137 other half ofrepparttar 140138 story. If you eat only low fat foods, most of them are low in fibre and also very high in carbohydrates. Because they’re low in fibre you have to eat more to feel full. So when you eat more, you take in more calories than you need, and your body storesrepparttar 140139 extra carbohydrates and calories as fat. That’srepparttar 140140 other side ofrepparttar 140141 low fat diet. Unless you eat low fat and high fibre, atrepparttar 140142 same time, you are more likely to gain than lose any weight.

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The Most Important Tip for Permanent Weight Loss

Written by Jill Fleming, MS, RD

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Hunger-Satisfaction Scale (HSS): 10: Stuffed torepparttar point of feeling sick (“Thanksgiving-full!”) 9: Very uncomfortable, tired 8: Uncomfortably full 7: Feel you have eaten just a little bit too much 6: Comfortable, satisfied 5: Just noticingrepparttar 140096 first signs of hunger 4: Hungry, ready to eat 3: Very hungry 2: Extremely hungry, irritable 1: Starving, can’t concentrate, dizzy

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