If You Lost 70% of Your New Customers, Would You Notice?

Written by Lynella Grant

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Where didrepparttar Customers Go?

Many factors influence where and what a person decides to buy. Althoughrepparttar 146472 Yellow Pages are no longer an automatic part ofrepparttar 146473 loop, many buyers consult bothrepparttar 146474 Internet andrepparttar 146475 directory, not relying on either one alone. However, many shoppers only call Yellow Page ads that show a website, even it they don’t intend to visit it. It goes torepparttar 146476 credibility issue. What’s different? - Buyers are less trusting and more willing to shop around - Availability of Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) - Expanded options and more ways to find them - Aging population usesrepparttar 146477 Yellow Pages differently than young people - Development of unique, narrow niches and specialties - More choices for a "better deal" - Increased immigrants and those from other cultures, unaccustomed to Yellow Page use - Larger cities with multiple directories, rather than one large one - Local search, wherebyrepparttar 146478 search engines locate suppliers by zip code, state, city, region

Time for a Reality Check - Can You Find Yourself?

The next time you go online (or have a friend walk you through it), see how you rate in some local searches. Conduct a query in Google (then Yahoo, and MSN). Enter your type of business + Your town (“Pet Stores” + Scottsdale, Arizona).

Does your business show up? How many of your competitors are on that list? How many are ahead of you? That list is what your “missing customers” are likely to see when they’re ready to spend their money. Does that experience motivate you to make a better Local Search showing?

Next, check out whether your business appears in various Internet Yellow Pages (IYP). Work your way downrepparttar 146479 list: http://www.yellowpagesage.com/localsearch.html

Start noticing how visible you are to customers researching their local options online. You really can’t afford to missrepparttar 146480 boat.

Dr. Lynella Grant Author, Yellow Page Smarts: Make more money from your directory ad in tandem with your website http://www.yellowpagesage.com Smarter ways to attract more YP customers. Local Search resources Off the Page Press (719) 395-9450

Why Publishing MP3 Can Cost You A Fortune

Written by Louis Allport

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Download "MP3Tag" from mp3tag.de/en/. Installrepparttar software, and start it up. Then just choose to "Remove All Tags" from your OGG files. This process takes literally two minutes but is very important.

Now after you've converted and de-taggedrepparttar 146226 OGG audio, you'll need to upload it to your server of course.

Then you'll have to change all your download links. This is fiddly, but needs to be done. For example - you would need to change all your links from:




Then test every download link to make sure it's working correctly.

Important Note: Don't forget aboutrepparttar 146227 audio you've got in Zip files too. You'll need to recreate those Zip files with OGG audio instead of MP3 audio and re-upload them.

If you're not sure where allrepparttar 146228 MP3 and Zip files are on your websites, here's an easy way to list them:

Now, this only works on Unix-based servers (which covers Linux servers, FreeBSD...etc - ask your web host if you're not sure)...

This is pretty advanced so don't do this if you're not comfortable withrepparttar 146229 process. Or ask your web host to do it for you if they're happy to do that:

You need to Telnet into your server and then typerepparttar 146230 following:

find . | grep mp3 > allmp3

Then type:

find . | grep zip > allzip

This will then give you two files on your server: allmp3 & allzip

Download these files and take a look at them in a text editor. They'll show yourepparttar 146231 path of every MP3 and Zip file on your server so that you can quickly and easily find which files you need to convert to OGG. Dead handy.

Okay - so after you've converted and uploadedrepparttar 146232 audio, you'll need to changerepparttar 146233 text aroundrepparttar 146234 download links. You'll need to take out any mention of "MP3" from your website.

I don't suggest replacing it with "OGG" on a sales page for example since that will probably confuse people. Just replace "MP3" with "downloadable audio" or "high quality downloadable audio".

And then on your download pages mention thatrepparttar 146235 audio is in OGG format which is just as high quality as MP3 and just as quick to download. Then link to a couple of audio players that you know for a fact support OGG.

The audio players I personally mention are Winamp from winamp.com and Quintessential Player from quinnware.com.

Important Note About Winamp: As I write this onlyrepparttar 146236 Full version (notrepparttar 146237 Lite version) of Winamp supports OGG successfully. So make sure to tell your visitors to download and install that version. It's still free though so your visitors won't have to spend any extra money just to listen to your audio.

And that's pretty much allrepparttar 146238 steps needed to convert your published audio from MP3 to OGG, which can save you a small fortune in licensing fees without compromising audio quality or speed of download.

Louis Allport is the creator of over thirty (and counting) unique and high quality information products selling very successfully online. One of Louis' recent products reveals a proven four-step formula that can make creating best-selling online products a lot more predictable: http://www.createoffers.com/new/

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