If You Don’t Like The Weather…Just Wait Ten Minutes

Written by Kirk Bannerman

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By analyzingrepparttar information taken fromrepparttar 117218 traffic analysis tools you can track keywords and other parameters which will tell you how visitors are getting to your site which, in turn, will help you improve and target traffic.

The goals for your particular site will depend uponrepparttar 117219 nature of your online business or endeavor, A good way to determine how well your site attracts and converts visitors is to analyze your traffic and then experiment or tweak some ofrepparttar 117220 different elements of your site such as sales letter copy, price promotions, limited time offers, free offers, headlines, color schemes, testimonials, etc., etc.

After making changes in your program, once again analyze your traffic to obtain a measure ofrepparttar 117221 impact (good, bad, or none) that your tweaking has produced. And then startrepparttar 117222 process all over again, retainingrepparttar 117223 changes that yielded a positive result and, of course, rejecting those that did not.

Remember folks, it is up to us to stay in touch withrepparttar 117224 fact that there is one certainty aboutrepparttar 117225 future of online marketing, and that is that it will continue to change.

Kirk Bannerman operates a successful home based business and resides in California. For more details, visit his website at http://business-at-home.us

Are you sending out your business cards to prospective customers?...by Sonia Colon

Written by Sonia Colon

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*Bill payments (Yes, attach a business card to all of your outgoing bill payments. In fact, its known thatrepparttar person who receives your bill payment is not alwaysrepparttar 117217 same person each time!) *Dental Office *Laundry Room *Supermarket Bullentin Board *Cleaners

These are just a few places. Be creative and send your business cards to as many places you can think of. Potential customers areeverywhere! Good luck.

Sonia Colon owns and operates Jimson Products and My Jimson Products Ezine. This ezine provides powerful internet marketing concepts, successful business articles, business resources, affordable advertising space, FREE stuff and so much more! You can contact Sonia at mailto:customercare@jimsonproducts.com

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