If You Build It They Will Come Does Not Apply

Written by Tina Boyd

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The downside is that it takes time, patience and good research to make it happen. Beware of companies claiming to be Search Engine Optimization experts. Make sure thatrepparttar search engines they are submitting you to are high quality search engines and that they use appropriate keywords. Google, Yahoo, and MSN, are just a few ofrepparttar 148975 top search engines today.

What is "Pay Per Click?"

Pay Per Click is that latest, greatest attempt by search engines to make their searches more relevant. Paying a fixed, or sometimes fluxuating amount can guarantee you a high search engine ranking. In fact, you can be guaranteedrepparttar 148976 top spot.

I can't stress enoughrepparttar 148977 importance of choosingrepparttar 148978 right keywords. If you aren't specific enough they get a lot of hits from Pay Per Click, but no buyers. The return on investment would be a laugh, except forrepparttar 148979 impact it's having on your budget. Think of e-bay; when someone is willing to pay more you get bumped downrepparttar 148980 list, or your price goes up.

The good news about Pay Per Click is that it can bring quick results. Withrepparttar 148981 right search keywords you can have high search engine ranking without waiting for Optimization. If your business is seasonal, or you're just starting out and want immediate results Pay Per Click can be beneficial. Another benefit is to companies who are providing services that have saturatedrepparttar 148982 Internet. You can avoidrepparttar 148983 difficulties of trying to get torepparttar 148984 top of a search with 7 million results.

Whichever path you take make sure to choose a high quality developer to help you with research and implementation. This will make allrepparttar 148985 difference between being found or being lost inrepparttar 148986 millions of other websites vying for attention.

Tina Boyd is the CEO/Head Developer at Silken Strand Web Solutions, Inc. located in the central Ohio area.

Search Engine Optimization- The truth behind the myths

Written by Englesos on the Web

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4. Spider limitations. The device that gathers data from your site for search engine inclusion is called a “Robot” or “’bot” for short. The process of gatheringrepparttar data is called “crawling” or “spidering” asrepparttar 148670 ‘bot will follow allrepparttar 148671 links on your pages to explorerepparttar 148672 whole site and include all its data for assessment. If your webmaster favored you with a Flash menu system, then – torepparttar 148673 spider - your site is one page long. Robots do not spider links locked-up in Flash. If java was your medium of choice, or you use java scripts extensively, then consider this. More weight is placed on data atrepparttar 148674 top ofrepparttar 148675 page than atrepparttar 148676 bottom. In a java-based or java-rich siterepparttar 148677 header (top end) of your page will look something like this: -

-html- -head- -link rel='stylesheet' href='include/styles.css' rel='nofollow' type='text/css'- -script language="JavaScript1.2"- //Highlight image script- By Dynamic Drive //For full source code and more DHTML scripts, visit http://www.dynamicdrive.com //This credit MUST stay intact for use function makevisible(cur,which){ strength=(which==0)? 1 : 0.2 if (cur.style.MozOpacity) cur.style.MozOpacity=strength else if (cur.filters) cur.filters.alpha.opacity=strength*100 ........

Excuserepparttar 148678 abbreviating of this horror story - but you see what I mean. In this site I was called to review - 3,034 characters of pure gobbledygook before you even findrepparttar 148679 page title (removed here by me.). Meta-tags are not to be found. Spider wise, this page is virtually invisible, Sure enough you can find this page by “direct hit”, that is by its name (URL), or by other sites that refer to it, but searching forrepparttar 148680 site itself returns nothing.

5. Publishing. You should publish your site to allrepparttar 148681 free search engines you can, usually inrepparttar 148682 area of some hundreds of engines. This will take from a few weeks to months to yield any significant results and there is no way to speed this up without paying. If you chose to look at paid submissions then paid submissions appear within days – but when you stop payingrepparttar 148683 yearly fees they disappear just as quickly. If you are published regularly torepparttar 148684 free engines then sooner or later you will probably find your way intorepparttar 148685 paid engines byrepparttar 148686 “back door”. The “back door” relies onrepparttar 148687 fact that search engines interrelate and some of these relationships are known.

6. Push and Pull. To supplement your on-line publicity (“pushing” people to your website) consider “pulling” them by other means as well. All of your company paperwork should have your website and e-mail clearly marked on them. In fact every scrap of paper should be similarly equipped, plus coffee mugs, t-shirts and anything else available to you.

7. The Truth behindrepparttar 148688 Myth. Fromrepparttar 148689 moment you become visible on-line, people will offer to “boost your placings” andrepparttar 148690 bills for this will rage fromrepparttar 148691 modest torepparttar 148692 thousands. Here isrepparttar 148693 ultimate secret of search engine optimization…..it’s a secret! No one really knowsrepparttar 148694 systems used byrepparttar 148695 engines except those who designed them - and anyone who says otherwise is misleading you. There are no guarantees whatsoever because atrepparttar 148696 same time as Richard Olmshaw’s webmaster is trying to make him number one; everyone else’s webmaster is trying to dorepparttar 148697 same thing atrepparttar 148698 same time – often withrepparttar 148699 same tools. It’s going to be a close run race by any standards. 8. In Conclusion Preparerepparttar 148700 site, publicize, and then wait. Consider promotingrepparttar 148701 site by non-internet techniques – mouse mats, t-shirts etc. Paid inclusion programs if required. Watch your statistics Talk to your webmaster. Respect their abilities – but atrepparttar 148702 end ofrepparttar 148703 day remember who is payingrepparttar 148704 piper and therefore callingrepparttar 148705 tune. If your chosen “web professional” will not listen to you, or cannot explain why he cannot or should not realize your ideas – consider changing webmasters.

Englesos is a Web and Graphic Designer working out of the Famagusta area of Cyprus. See more of his work on http://www.englesos.net or else at http://www.lookerscy.com

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