If It Were Easy

Written by Julann L Pontician

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However unpleasant this may seem it is normal. I am four years into my business venture and almost $100,000 in debt between business and personal expenses. I have sacrificed my good credit inrepparttar name of my business. This year, I am finally making a steady salary of about $1,000 a month (which includes my second job). In any given week, I am still putting off creditors and trying to find ways to borrow from one account to pay off another.

Now back torepparttar 117583 H. Remember that part I mentioned about Happiness? I do believe in it. In fact, I believe in it more now than I did when I first started. I am in debt up to my neck but I have also learned more in four years of running my own business than I EVER learned in school. If I stand at top ofrepparttar 117584 mountain of my business I can see how far I have come. I allow myself moments of pride in my own accomplishments. I also allow myself to make mistakes and more importantly to forgive myself (and others) for them. A trait that is VERY necessary. Every day, I learn through my successes and mistakes how to run my business better and make better decisions. Furthermore, by nature of being an entrepreneur, I have been givenrepparttar 117585 opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs. These people arerepparttar 117586 most incredible, gutsy and talented people I have ever hadrepparttar 117587 pleasure of meeting. I am proud to be a part of this team!

Will my current business succeed inrepparttar 117588 long run? I have no guarantees. I believe it will because I have learned to believe in myself. However, if it doesn’t succeed I will pick myself up, dust off my clothes and get right back on that entrepreneurial horse again!

Julann L. Pontician is vice president and co-owner of Child Care Choices, Inc. CCC is a childcare referral business helping parents find quality childcare options. CCC is also a franchisor helping other entrepreneurs start their own businesses. The company current has 16 locations through out the U.S. www.childcarechoicesinc.com

Your Knowledge Could Be Earning You A Fortune

Written by Jeff Smith

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Don´t overlookrepparttar value of your experience and knowledge, no matter how much frustration or anger you may have over your career. Who knows, perhaps ideas based on your career market will allow you to one day buyrepparttar 117582 company you used to work for.

Success Tip #3: Create Your Own Brand. Large corporations do it. Pepsi, Coke, Ford tough, BMW. You know these product manufacturers because they have deployed branding techniques to set them aside from their competition. So why not brand yourself.

Here are some simple techniques you can use to brand yourself through information products:

· Break your information into a series of easily understood steps · Develop a label for your series of steps -repparttar 117583 PROGRESS system for productive meetings · Label your system using a catchy phrase (Ex. Chicken Soup forrepparttar 117584 Soul Series) · Use your own name as label for your solution. Good approach if backed by a service you provide · Carry your solution through to multiple information products. Label solution applicable to multiple problems · Market your labeled solution everywhere. This is your brand.

Developing your own brand is an incredibly powerful method for increasing your credibility, adding value (and profit) to your products, assuring long-term success as your brand spreads virally, and gainingrepparttar 117585 free publicity that is such an important marketing technique to massively growing your business.

Creating your information products is not difficult if you stick with what you know, and apply proven methods for creating hot selling ideas. There are many techniques you can use to develop products that will sell at almost any price, these 3 will get you started right away.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The following information is an excerpt from Jeff Smith's highly regarded multimedia package titeld "The Ultimate Information Entrepreneur´s Success Package" at http://www.infoproductcreator.com

Master information product developer for over 8-years, Jeff Smith has empowered individuals all over the world to create their own profitable information products.

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