Ideological Imperialism

Written by Doug Bower

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Let me tell you why this is a prime example of American Ideological Imperialism.

Jackson and his ilk have an ideology of what should and should not be said when referring to people ofrepparttar black color. Or, for that matter, what should be said, thought, or felt. He is here in Mexico, right now, "extending his rule over Mexico with his political orientation that advocates imperial interests".

Jackson's imperial interest: Forcerepparttar 138894 rest ofrepparttar 138895 world to adhere to his African-American Political Correctness. Do you see this? Are you getting what I am trying to say? Jackson, Sharpton, and their organizations are not alone.

American Ideological Imperialism applies torepparttar 138896 Jackson and Sharpton blacks,repparttar 138897 Gay Agenda Activists,repparttar 138898 Feminists,repparttar 138899 Abortionists, you name it—if there exists an American ideology about ANYTHING there will someone trying to force it downrepparttar 138900 throats ofrepparttar 138901 rest ofrepparttar 138902 world.

This is a major reason, I believe, whyrepparttar 138903 world hates America! Why can't America get that? America engages in Ideological Imperialism, they will not stop, andrepparttar 138904 rest ofrepparttar 138905 world recognizes this asrepparttar 138906 height of super-arrogance.

Americans apparently believe that their views, and no one else's, on issues of race, homosexuality, economics, terrorism, Mexican migrant workers, immigration, Homeland Security, feminism, and whatever else underrepparttar 138907 sun arerepparttar 138908 only right views!

"It's my way orrepparttar 138909 highway!"

And they seek to ram their ideology of human existence downrepparttar 138910 throats ofrepparttar 138911 world—a.k.a. Jesse and Al, in Mexico. God only know what they are saying!

Ideological Imperialism—memorize it!

Doug Bower is a freelance writer and book author. His most recent writing credits include The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Houston Chronicle, He lives with his wife in Guanajuato, Mexico. His new book Mexican Living: Blogging it from a Third World Country can be seen at

the man who could not say sorry for his sins

Written by malcolm james pugh

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they are yesterdays forgotten, though daily they still mount, no thought of resignation, no apology to those left behind, just onward withrepparttar ego, fast forward from those times, as if nothing ever happened, as if your lies are quite ok, as if now is what to focus on, and then was another day, lost back inrepparttar 138869 mists of time, obscured by clouds half seen not an affront torepparttar 138870 living, not impeachable and obscene, you may want to move on now, and ignore your past infamy, but you should be tried for treason, and jailed for blasphemy

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