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Written by Chris N. Fernando

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5) Do not open executable attachments inrepparttar form of .exe, .pif, .com, etc from people you don’t know. It might be a Trojan or a spy ware sent to you, just to get personal information about you. In case you find out that your PC has been running slow lately, its most likely that it has spy ware or ad ware running inrepparttar 118463 background. Use free programs like Lavasoft AdAware to remove these spy wares and ad wares from your PC. You can download a copy from

I am already a victim...what do I do? Well…then God help you. Just joking! There are places where you can report this, so that authorities can bring those criminals to book. Almost all countries have their own IT laws amended that can get you out of this problem and also ensure thatrepparttar 118464 person committing this crime gets punished.

The US has one ofrepparttar 118465 toughest punishments for people committing this crime. Most of these criminals are not less than a hacker. If you are inrepparttar 118466 US, these links should help you out:

U.S. Postal Inspection Service:

Federal Trade Commission:

U.S. Secret Service:

Department of Justice:

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation:

India has been taking crimes committed by using IT as a means quite seriously. In fact, it is compared to hacking. Mumbai Police in India has setup a special Cyber Crime Cell to curb this kind of offense. In fact, Mumbai Police’s Cyber Crime Cell Call Center isrepparttar 118467 first call center inrepparttar 118468 world to have been certified for its facility and its operation as per British Standards. These are some ofrepparttar 118469 links that can help:

Mumbai Police - Cyber Crime Cell

Central Bureau of Investigation – Cyber Crime Cell

Pakistan too has its own Cyber Crime Cell byrepparttar 118470 name PakCERT (Pakistan Computer Emergency Response Team). These guys track down people defacing websites and keep cyber crime at bay.

The link to PakCERT is:

These are just some examples. If you run a search on, you might end up with umpteen websites that will help you from being a victim. However, as it is always, prevention is better than cure. Isn’t it true? You bet!

Chris N. Fernando is a Sr. Staff Writer with Magazine 360 - an IT magazine published by ITNation, Mumbai (India). He has also worked as Technical Editor with Peer Technical Services and as Reporter for PCQuest and Living Digital magazines. He also writes for

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Have You Done Your Market Research?

Written by Elizabeth McGee

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Now let's dorepparttar same thing for 'charm bracelets'. Atrepparttar 118462 time of this article Google returned 1,950,000 competing sites and Overture returned a count of 50417. The result was 38.67 (1,950,000 / 50417 = 38.67).

Charm bracelets isrepparttar 118463 winner becauserepparttar 118464 ratio between searches andrepparttar 118465 number of competing sites will make it easier for your site to be found.

This is online demand in it's simplest form but it can give you a good idea of what you are up against.

Next you must research your competition

Always know what your competing sites are doing and how they are doing it. Let's say you decide to sell those charm bracelets. Type 'charm bracelets' into Google and take a good look atrepparttar 118466 first few pages of listings that come up. Look at each site and study it. Make a chart and noterepparttar 118467 following for each site.

- What products do they offer? - What arerepparttar 118468 strengths and weaknesses of each site? - What information or services does each site provide? - What did you like or dislike about each site?

Once you've compiled your chart this will help you determine how you can make your site better and what information or services you might want to include that would offer better value and/or service. The key here is to find out what is out there and how you might deliver it better. What kind of profit can you make?

Profit is calculated after all your expenses are met. It's basic business 101 but sometimes online business owners forget that.

If your porcelain doll cost you $10 and you sold it for $30 you may have made $20 but your profit may be lower. You also need to take into account what it cost you to make that sale, advertising, website costs, merchant account costs, shipping, etc.

After expenses, 30-50% can be very good. Anything more would be ideal, however if you can't show a profit after expenses it won't be worth your time.

Study your competition, keep your costs down ,keep your price competitive, offer something free if you can, stress your value and be sure to take all facets of cost into account.

Elizabeth McGee has spent 20 years in the service and support industry. She has moved her expertise to the world wide web helping businesses find trusted tools, enhance customer service, build confidence and increase sales. You can visit Elizabeth's sites at:

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