Identity Theft

Written by James Dimmitt

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NEVER access a financial site through a link embedded in an e-mail message. E-mails with links asking you to verify or re-register your personal information are a sure sign of “phishing”, a scam to collect your name and other identifying information to steal your identity.

Instead, typerepparttar bank or creditor’s website address into your browser. Check your accounts every two weeks. Verify thatrepparttar 139673 credits and debits shown onrepparttar 139674 statements are valid. Report any suspicious activity immediately to your bank or creditor.

2) Monitor your credit report.

The main reason for stealing your identity is to open new credit accounts to purchase good and services using your name and stolen identity. Chances are that you won’t know you’re an ID theft victim until you’re denied credit or you receive bills for accounts you never opened.

If an ID thief has opened accounts in your name, they are most likely to appear on your credit report. There are three major credit reporting agencies; Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian.

New legislation allows you to obtain your credit report annually from all three of these agencies for free. This new program is being phased in gradually acrossrepparttar 139675 U.S.. Check

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Small Business Credit Cards

Written by Rob Mellor

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American Express Business Gold Card

• No annual fee forrepparttar first year, • No pre-set spending limit • Save at known brands, such as Staples, FedEx and Hertz • When you enroll inrepparttar 139434 Membership Rewards program, you earn points virtually every time you use your eligible, enrolled Business Card. • Online Account Management • Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance

CitiBusiness® Platinum Select® Card

The CitiBusiness® Platinum Select® Card isrepparttar 139435 card built for small businesses and includes:

• A generous credit line • Low rate on purchases • Additional cards for employees • Free quarterly and annual account summaries • Free 'Askrepparttar 139436 Experts' service • Free 24/7 Concierge Service

A great place to find out more about credit cards isrepparttar 139437 internet, One useful site is:

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