Identifying US Coins with Bullish Futures

Written by Daniel J. Goevert

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Duringrepparttar course of my lengthy numismatic career, I’ve researchedrepparttar 139380 long term value trends of most collectible US coins. Thanks to my trusty computer, I’ve calculated annualized compounded percentage return rates and honed in on a handful of coins that have consistently beatenrepparttar 139381 overall coin market averages. Unfortunately,repparttar 139382 blue-chippers are scarcely encountered. Perhaps it is this fact that explains why so many well-intentioned hobby purists scornrepparttar 139383 idea of blending coin collecting withrepparttar 139384 profit motive.

Individuals whose objective is to satisfy their numismatic pleasure by assembling a collection certain to berepparttar 139385 envy of tomorrow’s collectors must do their homework today. Remember to research historic value trends and evaluate growth potential based on previous performance. One last word of advice… never loose sight ofrepparttar 139386 fact that you are handling artifacts of America’s past, and that all of us are merely their temporary custodians. Respect these coins andrepparttar 139387 history they represent, and you’ll always discover new avenues of adventure not found in most other investment opportunities.

Author Daniel J. Goevert is the webmaster of US Coin Values Advisor ( This site specializes in US coin value trends, plus offers detailed coin collecting advice as well as an illustrated history of the United States and the US Mint.

Caught in the Camera Eye

Written by Mike Clifford

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By snapping photos ofrepparttar shoreline habitat at this point, you can look back on them during high water and you?ll know exactly where to pitch that perfect cast for those fish looking to get out ofrepparttar 139206 current. The brushpiles, weedbeds and boulders are more than likely still there and you will now haverepparttar 139207 knowledge at hand to target them quickly and efficiently! Think about it. Unfortunately, there are other obvious aspects ofrepparttar 139208 outdoors that are not as pleasant for us to cherish as memories of our experience on any given day. The time may come when you happen upon circumstances that are likely to cause great harm to your favorite watershed, and your camera now becomes that all-important tool again in preserving it?albeit from a much different perspective that what we?ve already discussed here. Pollution, poaching, illegal dumping and a myriad of other illegal acts are perpetrated against our natural resources continually, as much as we hate to recognize them or to give them a second thought. In this case, you becomerepparttar 139209 witness, while your camera producesrepparttar 139210 evidence, and many times you arerepparttar 139211 only person around that will ever see a specific event happening. Let?s hope these occurrences arerepparttar 139212 exception rather thanrepparttar 139213 norm in your travels, but keep it inrepparttar 139214 back of your mind thatrepparttar 139215 opportunity exists to help bring resolution torepparttar 139216 problem. In getting back torepparttar 139217 finer points of photographingrepparttar 139218 outdoors, be sure to visit HeartlandOutdoorsman.Com for your chance at some great prizes inrepparttar 139219 SPRING PHOTO CONTEST. Every photo posted amongrepparttar 139220 various Photography Forums will automatically be entered and judged. Need FREE hosting for your submittals? We can provide you with that as well. As Spring brings a new awakening to ?all things wild? in our area, we look forward to viewing your submittals, as there are more than likely some remarkable shots in your camera as you read this! As space is limited in an article of this sort, you can learn much more about capturingrepparttar 139221 great outdoors on film or in a digital format by readingrepparttar 139222 numerous articles onrepparttar 139223 website. Plenty of Tips and Tricks have been submitted by amateurs and professionals alike, so feel free to share your own or simply browse what others have written.

Until next time: ?Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it were voices instead of colors, there would be an unbelievable shrieking intorepparttar 139224 heart ofrepparttar 139225 night.? ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Mike is a passionate outdoorsman/photographer with one of the most comprehensive websites in America- HeartlandOutdoorsman.Com

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