Identify your Target Market by Tracking and Exploiting Profitable Search Engine Keyword Phrases.

Written by Jhonny Papas

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Stop targetingrepparttar wrong keywords to promote your web site on search engines. There's a powerful keyword researching tool which is very accurate and immensely crucial for your online business.

Did you know thatrepparttar 128329 "most popular keywords" arerepparttar 128330 ones that are will drain your budget on pay-per-click search engines? It is a statistical fact that popular searches are conducted by "freebie" hunters and accrue too much competition.

Here's where "Word Tracker" comes in to automate your researches forrepparttar 128331 most profitable keywords. You can use this tool to optimize your web site, discover "new buying trends" and even outperform your competition onrepparttar 128332 search engines.

Hint: Don't rely on Overture's keyword researching tool. It's often too bamboozled.

Here'srepparttar 128333 URL for Word Tracker : http:/

If you were asked to describe your product with just one word, that wouldn't be feasible of course. A "description" is always constituted by a phrase and that's where your most profitable keywords originate (from a multi-word phrase). Onrepparttar 128334 contrary a single word cannot describe a product or service.

For instance, if you were offering "car quotes" this keyword-phrase would characterize your online business (not just "cars", or "quotes" - but "car quotes", or "new car quotes"...etc).

Recappingrepparttar 128335 entire methodology to leverage your productivity and ROI (Return On Investment):

* Use Referral Tracking Software to Target your Customers Create a Database and match Referrer Sales Information withrepparttar 128336 correlated keywords to Optimize your Advertising Campaigns.

* Automate your researches with keyword metrical tools (like Word Tracker).

* Improve your sales copy and literature by succumbing emphasis onrepparttar 128337 most profitable keyword phrases entered in search engines by your customers.

Once you start implementingrepparttar 128338 "exposed" methodology you'll start harnessing biggest "bangs" on your advertising dollars... better ROI and high conversion ratios. More targeted traffic and highly-optimized marketing campaigns.

You can even match your optimum keywords with demographic variables using sophisticated databases. The Internet is fairly considered an "Unrivaled Weapon" in every marketing arsenal. Use it wisely and watch your customer base skyrocket!

Jhonny Papas is the author of http://www.Traffic-Engine.NET and eCommerce Analyst.

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"Identify your Target Market by Tracking and Exploiting Profitable Search Engine Keyword Phrases".

Google has a flaw? Didn’t think it was possible.

Written by John Romano

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Contacting Google about this problem, sad to say, has been akin to dealing withrepparttar phone company before competition. Headache, heartache and misunderstandings. Calls torepparttar 128328 Google AdWord call center were met with either sympathy or apathy. One Googler said they felt bad and that others had complained aboutrepparttar 128329 same problem but his proverbial hands were tied. Another just couldn’t get her head aroundrepparttar 128330 issue and kept telling us “you need to re-writerepparttar 128331 ad, re-writerepparttar 128332 ad” which was answered with “it has worked for months without a problem;repparttar 128333 five missed clicks are clearly a fluke”repparttar 128334 response “you need to re-write the, re-writerepparttar 128335 ad”. Lastly, a Google Phone Supervisor when asked out of frustration who her boss was replied “I’m not telling, find out for yourself if you can, but I’m not telling you”. What? Now we haverepparttar 128336 name and ID number ofrepparttar 128337 said employees, but we won’t reveal them even if Google were to contact us. Why? Because, overall Google is a great company with good customer service and sharp products. Also, no reason to get involved with Google HR issues,repparttar 128338 folks all seemed nice - just not helpful. Okay,repparttar 128339 Phone Supervisor was a little craggy but no big deal. Instead of waiting until Google solves this issue on their own, here is a simple solution that can satisfy all, further lining Google’s pockets while earning small and large businesses qualified clicks. Google should institute a system where ads that have performed well over time are given a little leeway in regards torepparttar 128340 5/1,000 rule. Much like a credit card, ads that have consistently performed well over a set period of time would be given a higher “line of credit” perhaps a minimum of 25 clicks over 5000 impressions. The click rate Google wants isrepparttar 128341 same butrepparttar 128342 buyer is given a little room when an anomaly occurs. Missing 5 clicks over a thousand impressions is a fluke, missing 25 over 5,000 could be deemed more of a pattern. Also, 1,000 impressions on a high volume search term on Google can literally happen in four or five minutes. So even if you’ve had months of success with “Gold T-Shirts”, five minutes can change everything. The weird part inrepparttar 128343 case -repparttar 128344 real example we studied – is that Google is turning down literally $75-125 a day in business. Now we all know thatrepparttar 128345 brains behind Google could solve a math and programming issue like this quite quickly. Inrepparttar 128346 meantime, smart marketers like will have to search for other terms and other places to spendrepparttar 128347 money Google doesn’t want.

About the author: John Romano is a former Analysis and Optimization expert for i-traffic and SFInteractive. He now runs a company that manages keyword ad buys. Please contact him at or 310-281-1199.

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