I wish I knew then what I know now!

Written by Kenia Morales

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Just like physical pain, emotional pain can teach us a thing or two; especially when situations do not go our way. In many aspects of life people learn through trial and error. Actors and actresses do not become a success overnight. It takes them years to get torepparttar top.

So, whenever a turn out is not quite what you expected stop dreaming about traveling back in time to make different choices. Learn to see mistakes as part of life. Take some time to reflect on what went wrong and how you can avoid repeatingrepparttar 139640 same error. Later, you should rewrite your strategy and last but; not least proceed without looking back.

Best of luck, Kenia Morales

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One Minute Meditation

Written by Steve Gillman

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Is Meditation This Easy?

You're not likey to get you into a deep meditative state with this simple exercise. You will get benefits, though. These will almost certainly include a clearer mind and a reduction in stress.

Try to develope a "trigger" for your meditation. You can do your four breaths when you get intorepparttar car, for example, or right after lunch each day. A trigger is a place or time that reminds you, so your meditation becomes a habit.

Some may say this isn't "real" meditation, but there's nothing wrong with enjoyingrepparttar 139552 relaxation you'll get from this technique. You can always pursue deeper meditation later, if you wish. Inrepparttar 139553 meantime, remember that not everything has to be difficult to be of value. Why not do an easy one-minute meditation right now?

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