"I once feared the Internet"

Written by Ralph Almeida

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And if you don't haverepparttar software to build your website with, godaddy will let you purchase and download a website building software for $14.95. So in order to build a website, you will need: 1.A website building software 2.A domain name 3.A hosting account All this can be done for as little as 20-25 dollars, and your website can be online within a few day! Easy huh? So, if you have ever dreamed of getting your business onrepparttar 117206 internet, put those fears aside...ANYONE can build their own website. Don't have a product? No worries there either. I am a personal affiliate with a company called SFI marketing group who sells various products such as long distance plans, isp's, magazines, books, domain names, etc. SFI is registered withrepparttar 117207 Better Business Bureau, and pays their affiliates an 80% commission on first time sales. This isrepparttar 117208 best commission plan onrepparttar 117209 internet that I know of, andrepparttar 117210 program is free to join. You can get more information or sign up here. http://www.quickinfo247.com/8304206/free Best Wishes to you for your future prosperity! Sincerely, Ralph Almeida *********************************************************************** Ralph Almeida is a successful network marketer who will help you establish an online presence and start generating income immediately. Visit him at: http://www.webcocoshop.com ***********************************************************************

Ralph Almeida is a successful network marketer who will help you establish an online presence and start generating income immediately. Visit him at: http://www.webcocoshop.com ***********************************************************************

Getting my Internet Business Started

Written by Brenda Pagel

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I have learned that all walks of life can work from home onrepparttar Internet. ANYONE can do it. It all depends how much a person wants it.

If you are tired of having a boss telling you what to do, this isrepparttar 117205 best way to work for yourself. There’s no inventory, no commute, no alarm clock, and best of all, NO BOSS. I’mrepparttar 117206 boss. If I fail, it’s my doing. Same goes for success.

There’s no wrong way of working onrepparttar 117207 Internet. You learn from trial and error. In other words, you learn as you go. http://www.homeprofit-page.com

There’s no better time than today to start your own Internet business. I wish I hadn’t stopped when I did. If I would have kept going, I would be way ahead repparttar 117208 game right now. But I’m glad I’m back now. And this time, for good!

My advice to anyone getting started in an Internet Business…don’t quit. There are a lot of resources out there. You can getrepparttar 117209 answers to your questions. There are a lot of people, like myself, willing to help others get started.

There’s a real good book to help you out. Think & Grow RICH by Napoleon Hill. A lot of people that have become Millionaires have read this book.

When I am researching, I find people onrepparttar 117210 Internet to be very interesting. Everybody has such different experiences. Different products are fun to learn about too. There are sooo many different tools onrepparttar 117211 Internet. The Internet is truly amazing. It’s a huge place.

I have one website and many affiliate sites. My website was built for me by, Stone Evans. And he will build a website for anyone…for FREE. He’s a great guy. He calls himself, “The Home Biz Guy”. http://www.homeprofit-page.com

The best time for me to be working onrepparttar 117212 Internet is early morning through mid-afternoon. My 14 year old son is at school and it’s quiet inrepparttar 117213 house. So when he gets home from school, I can spend time with him, making sure he does his homework and practices his sports.

My goal forrepparttar 117214 future is to make a six figure income withinrepparttar 117215 next five years. But no matter what, I will not give up!

Brenda Pagel http://www.homeprofit-page.com

Brenda Pagel, provides time saving tools and helpful support for Home Business opportunities. Get your FREE subscription to, Stone Evans’ newsletter, “Home Business Tips” today at: http://homeprofit-page.com

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