I do not mind lying, but I hate inaccuracy

Written by Arthur Snell

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Japanese in WW II were based on hysteria, racism and a failure of political leadership. They are wrong on all counts. Is there anyone on this planet who belives them? Their report is so flawed thatrepparttar Dept. of Justice advised Congress not to accept it. In spite of this,repparttar 126044 report is being distributed for use in schools. Trying to getrepparttar 126045 public's attention on this is about as productive as winking at a girl inrepparttar 126046 dark.

Retired high school science teacher.

"Why Do They Hate Us?

Written by Arthur Zulu

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He goes torepparttar Middle East to find out why they hate America. And his ears were full. He was told how Israel gunned downrepparttar 126043 Palestians in their thousands and dug a trench around their beloved Yasser Arafat, while Uncle Sam looked away. And now America has sworn to bomb Iraq and negotiate with North Korea, even whenrepparttar 126044 former says that they do not have dangerous weapons, whilerepparttar 126045 latter is daring to strike America! (the definition of double standards). And to think that there are many nations possessing nuclear weapons, and even threatening to use them against each other. (Ask India and Pakistan) .And no one is talking of disarming them. (In factrepparttar 126046 Arabs say thatrepparttar 126047 UN should disarm America).

Uncle Sam than goes to Europe to meet his traditional friends. But it was like ALICE IN WONDERLAND. Because even these reject him. For France and Germany (even Germany) say that Uncle Sam is flaunting himself all overrepparttar 126048 place, and that they would not allow him to lord over them. Hearing this, Uncle Sam ran a great run torepparttar 126049 Americas, his territory.

Now, when he asked to know if his neighbors love him, they answered inrepparttar 126050 negative. They say that America's financial aid is selfish because it is using it to perpetuate its political and economic interests. After all, Uncle Sam sees allrepparttar 126051 dictators in South America and does nothing. They said that America is fightingrepparttar 126052 drug war in Latin America in order to provide safe haven for Uncle Sam.

So, what would Uncle Sam do to pleaserepparttar 126053 world? Solverepparttar 126054 world's political, economic, and social problems. Listen torepparttar 126055 world. And never do a thing that would makerepparttar 126056 world to march against America.

Uncle Sam sat down and meditated, atrepparttar 126057 end of his great quest on why they hate us, and wondered how he would be able to solverepparttar 126058 world's multifaceted problems. And for inspiration, he remembersrepparttar 126059 Star-Spangled Banner, andrepparttar 126060 song: God bless America. And he rose to his feet and smiled, determined to banish September 11's.

May God Bless America!

ARTHUR ZULU,repparttar 126061 Most Controversial Writer inrepparttar 126062 World, isrepparttar 126063 author ofrepparttar 126064 best-selling book HOW TO WRITE A BEST-SELLER. For your copy and free excerpt, click on http://www.1stbooks.com/bookview/10975. For contact, mail to: controversialwriter@yahoo.com.

ARTHUR ZULU, the Most Controversial Writer in the World, is the author of the best-selling book HOW TO WRITE A BEST-SELLER.

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