I Wouldn't Change a Thing

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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Then a person made a real response that tells a lot of truth.

It isrepparttar response of a Professor of Political Science. The world trembles asrepparttar 149791 future beckons.

“What answers are being denied you? None. You just don't likerepparttar 149792 answers and don't want to facerepparttar 149793 real world.

1. Who will getrepparttar 149794 life-extending genetic enhancements that will extend life potential to 900 byrepparttar 149795 year 2070?

Powerful people mostly inrepparttar 149796 advanced countries. Partly good (we certainly don't need 900 yr lifespans in starvations zones) and partly bad (more of us non-powerfuls deserve it than they do)

2. Who will own space and getrepparttar 149797 benefit of man's collective and tax based support of space colonization which could make everyone a millionaire?

Two different questions. The first:repparttar 149798 USA, more or less. That's good. Second, there is no "man's collective tax base". Anyway, if everyone was a millionaire, being a millionaire wouldn't mean anything. What a dunce-like statememt.

3. What is SDI really for?

USA etc. domination ofrepparttar 149799 world system-- SHs and NKs could ideally be nippedrepparttar 149800 bud long before they fester. That's good.

4. Why doesrepparttar 149801 Fed and IMF (etc.) get to determinerepparttar 149802 economic reality for all nations including those listed inrepparttar 149803 War on Terra that do not belong torepparttar 149804 World Bank or have Central Banks?

Because they have allrepparttar 149805 money. Money is pretty important in economic reality. Here's a heart-breaking revelation for you: Banks control your economic reality, too.

5. Should corporate and churchly behemoths have more rights than individuals (dare I also say nations) Ceteris paribis, no. What entitles them to seek tax free and other enhanced status offshore while shelving technology that would empower all people inrepparttar 149806 world to compete? Economic clout and property rights (if it's their tech, it's their tech.)

Why would they want to empowerrepparttar 149807 competition?

6. Why do Congressional and Senate people who did not readrepparttar 149808 WTO not spend time in jail?

Not reading is a crime? Not "reading"repparttar 149809 WTO? That doesn't make sense.

7. How can DARPA be headed up by a known criminal?

Who'srepparttar 149810 criminal? DARPA can be headed by anyone who's appt.

8. How can Kissinger avoid warrants fromrepparttar 149811 World Court?

Same way that you avoid warrants fromrepparttar 149812 Goose Neck Vigilante Club. He is a US citizen/former official andrepparttar 149813 US doesn't recognizerepparttar 149814 "World Court" as a legitimate body. Kidnapping is a crimerepparttar 149815 US recognizes, tho.

9. Who determinedrepparttar 149816 NWO plan spoken about by Woolsey and Bennett (George I too) that makes all nations have to answer torepparttar 149817 900 pound gorilla?

A bunch of concerned Anglo-Saxons who still figure they've repeatedly wonrepparttar 149818 right to basically governrepparttar 149819 world-- 1815, 1919, 1945, 1991, etc. And we'rerepparttar 149820 better off for it, by all apparent measures.

10. Do corporations and religions that ownrepparttar 149821 media have far too much influence - other lobbyist issues that grow worse allrepparttar 149822 time?

Yes. Butrepparttar 149823 fact that they have more influence than nutcases is a good thing.”

I never was politically correct to sayrepparttar 149824 least. And if we were to talk about politics you might think I was an elitist despiterepparttar 149825 fact that I gave uprepparttar 149826 materialistic world I had been a millionaire in at least twice. Living in a group home and working to makerepparttar 149827 people and system a little better atrepparttar 149828 grossest and lowest level doesn’t sound likerepparttar 149829 act of an elitist but I am well aware ofrepparttar 149830 pitfalls of socialistic bureaucracy. I am also getting to seerepparttar 149831 extent of waste and destructive victimization of victims inrepparttar 149832 hands ofrepparttar 149833 people who are always saying more money is needed to addressrepparttar 149834 homeless or mental health community. Here is another response to a thread onrepparttar 149835 Delphi Oracles which may help setrepparttar 149836 stage forrepparttar 149837 nature of what knowledge I am now cursed with.

Do you thinkrepparttar 149838 Delphi Oracles were responsible for a quantum leap?

Yes, social engineering and a focus on some thought or stable system has cultural impacts as Mumford showed they helped achieve - thoughrepparttar 149839 Athenian School and sages were more effective in that regard. But in realityrepparttar 149840 Intellectual and spiritual systems such as Michael Grant notes wererepparttar 149841 major influence throughrepparttar 149842 millennium before Christ are (likerepparttar 149843 oracles) part of a more ancient tradition - so no leap occurred other thanrepparttar 149844 Hellenizing plagiarization that is reflected in our propagandized history.

A more relevant exploration would berepparttar 149845 formation that occurred in this period - of all religions now with us. Fukayama calls them 'absolute religions' and C. S. Lewis or Merton call them 'higher religions'. The era ofrepparttar 149846 6th Century BCE and Confucius, Buddha and Zoroaster are all derived fromrepparttar 149847 same people or schools of thought. These schools of thought had been reorganized by Tuthmosis inrepparttar 149848 millennium before that according to many. This is aroundrepparttar 149849 time of Moses/Akhenaten. But long before that these schools helped more people find their true role in soul and withrepparttar 149850 'collective'.

Plato observed thatrepparttar 149851 advent of a writing alphabet greatly diminishedrepparttar 149852 disciplined pursuit of knowledge or wisdom. Once people could simply refer to books they did not interiorize this knowledge. That occurred aroundrepparttar 149853 same time that Tuthmosis reorganizedrepparttar 149854 Mystery Schools and was part of a Phoenician (Hyksos) plan for society as I see it.

The crux ofrepparttar 149855 Kabbalists or Rabbinical 'twisting' of Qabala has much to do with this in our laws, structures of society and inrepparttar 149856 ethereal world around us.

And in case anyone thinks I regard it as healthy to look back on your life and say something as stupid asrepparttar 149857 title of this book suggests – I do not. I would love to haverepparttar 149858 chance to do many things differently and yet inrepparttar 149859 final analysis I might never have gottenrepparttar 149860 blessings I have and I would probably not have enjoyed life more. I regardrepparttar 149861 fulfillment of one’s potential and ethical purpose higher than I regard most all else in life. It is that perspective that leads me to title this book as I have. The fact that I could not handlerepparttar 149862 wealth I had at various times in my life is an indication that I am not as advanced as I would have liked to have been.

Author of Diverse Druids

Columnist for The ES Press Magazine

Guest 'expert' at World-Mysteries.com

Dimensional Shifts

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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The average person today will likely have their mind and senses closed torepparttar opportunity thatrepparttar 149212 thalami offer to accentuate, amplify and direct non-visual forces to our conscious processing centers. The operational paradigms ofrepparttar 149213 spiritual world are a science unto themselves, andrepparttar 149214 astrophysicists may not have as good a picture as I hope they do. There are those I have met, who can travel between dimensions and we will deal with these aspects of life and natural possibilities versus hallucination in other parts of this book. But, ifrepparttar 149215 modern research is right aboutrepparttar 149216 Thalami, I feel quite certain that allrepparttar 149217 dimensions are at our disposal in every aspect of our existence. When one remembersrepparttar 149218 way we thought about spirits and devils as we listened torepparttar 149219 preachers who tried to tell us about HELL - it is difficult to open our minds to what they were saying aboutrepparttar 149220 saints who performedrepparttar 149221 very miracles that men and women have always been able to do.

We shall see thatrepparttar 149222 'Gospel of Thomas' fromrepparttar 149223 Dag (or Nag) Hammadi 'finds' confirms Jesus never performed any miracle that you or I can't do. We are allrepparttar 149224 'children of God' (John 10:34). The dimensional spiritual world is science and real even if we are ignorant of it. That is whatrepparttar 149225 Gnostics he studied with say isrepparttar 149226 'Original Sin' that separates us from God - IGNORANCE! Scipio Africanus and others before and afterrepparttar 149227 time of Jesus were used to seeing each other andrepparttar 149228 spirits of their loved ones alive or dead! In many instances there is potential to visualizerepparttar 149229 future and it will happen with proper INTENT. Bucky Fuller did it, and I have too. Some sayrepparttar 149230 forces of darkness that createdrepparttar 149231 Dark Age were able to re-programrepparttar 149232 world mind torepparttar 149233 point that our ability was diminished byrepparttar 149234 evil they fomented. Energy of a negative nature does have to be attuned with good, in order for Abraxas or unity to occur, onrepparttar 149235 grand scale and as an individual. That is why selfish prayer is wasteful and one must operate in 'brotherhood' and love to come up with things likerepparttar 149236 geodesic dome or wireless 'free energy'. Still these things are onrepparttar 149237 shelf and few really know how great they are and how much betterrepparttar 149238 world might be.

Author of Diverse Druids

Columnist at The ES Press Magazine

Guest 'expert' at World-Mysteries.com

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