I Want To Know

Written by Rich Brunelle

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But then there'srepparttar problem ofrepparttar 135596 story being leaked byrepparttar 135597 person inrepparttar 135598 news media who getsrepparttar 135599 information. Uh-Oh! Not only him but his boss also. We could kill them both . . . What? Are you stupid? Who are you going to sell your story to? You cannot kill them! Okay, change of plans.

How about, some rich eccentric individual buyingrepparttar 135600 stories. Nope, won't work. CIA, FBI, or some Crime Boss would get that datarepparttar 135601 day after it was written down. How about somebody form a clandestine organization swearing all of its members to secrecy . . .

Well, I thought I had a solution. I even considered building a True Confessions Web Site, but changed my mind. More people would be trying to hack in thanrepparttar 135602 system could handle and it would burnrepparttar 135603 database torepparttar 135604 ground. Like I said, I thought I had a solution.

Oh well, back torepparttar 135605 old police tactic of beatingrepparttar 135606 truth out of them. Oh yeah, that didn't work either. I guess I failed to come up with a solution. How about you? Do you haverepparttar 135607 solution? If you think you do, visit my web site and tell me about it. Just go to http://djam-promo.com and select "FORUMS" and look forrepparttar 135608 title of this article inrepparttar 135609 "General B.S." Section.

Richard Brunelle suffers from some strange "brain-fart" ailment that causes him to allow his mind wander far enough to dwell on the ridiculous, long enough to ask such stupid questions. Please direct all questions and comments to the aforementioned Forum at http://djam-promo.com .

The Roots of Poverty

Written by Isaiah Hull

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Underfunded Education:

Many citizens ofrepparttar Third World also lack access to education. Since governments in LDCs do not have funds to provide an educational system for all students, they often create unreasonably hard standardized testing systems to prevent students from graduating; and even when they do passrepparttar 135296 tests, they are often held back because there simply are not enough resources to support them. Without access to basic and vocational education, new generations in LDCs are being severely limited in both future choices and ability to contribute torepparttar 135297 country’s development.

Inadequate Access to Nutritious Food:

Much ofrepparttar 135298 Third World lacksrepparttar 135299 money and resources to eat or grow a nutritious diet--and instead must subsist on one meal each day of starchy local food staples and vegetables. This leads to severe undernutrition in both adults and children,repparttar 135300 often-fatal malnutrition-infection cycle in infants and young children, and high-incidence of diabetes in adults. Many people--specifically in certain geographic areas--also lackrepparttar 135301 means to cook meals. This causes those affected to choose between hunger and food- borne illness.

Inadequate Access to Improved Water & Sanitation Facilities:

These two problems are actually intimately linked: in areas where people do not have access to improved sanitation facilities, they often end up contaminating sources of groundwater with human waste, which often leads torepparttar 135302 spread of worms and water-borne illness. Inadequate access to improved water sources, such as pumps and wells, forces people in geographically isolated areas to spend hours each day just retrieving water, often from dirty sources. This prevents most people from getting an adequate amount of clean drinking water, raising incidence of water-borne illness and general dehydration.

Isaiah Hull is the CEO of Social Justice Incorporated, a hybrid business that offers information and news on poverty, hunger, and the Third World; and also operates a cause related shopping mall, bookstore, and jewelry store which donates 75% of profit to social justice charities. Go to http://www.socialjusticeinc.com to learn more about similar topics or make a donation to charity by simply shopping online.

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