I Want To Be A Republican

Written by The Independent Voice

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Many American Christians find it easy to justify war. The act of war isrepparttar closest humans can come to evil and Satan himself. War only begets more and more violence and it has never solved any problems, it has only created more. Yet American Christians still think war in Iraq isrepparttar 125920 right thing to do mostly because they don't fully understand who they've sent our poor off to fight. War destroys human relationship and penalizesrepparttar 125921 poor andrepparttar 125922 hungry on both sides. The war in Iraq has not solved one problem it has only created 101,200 more problems forrepparttar 125923 father and mother, brother and sister, friend and family member of those who have been killed, injured and maimed. I can't be a Republican.

George W. Bush's win in 2004 was notrepparttar 125924 beginning ofrepparttar 125925 end for Democrats, it wasrepparttar 125926 beginning ofrepparttar 125927 end for Republicans. George W. Bush won byrepparttar 125928 smallest majority of any President inrepparttar 125929 history ofrepparttar 125930 United States. That is not a mandate and it is not indicative ofrepparttar 125931 need by Democrats to radically alter their image so that it appears like they represent values. The democratic party has always beenrepparttar 125932 party of values and principle.

Why won't those inrepparttar 125933 Republican party understand thatrepparttar 125934 battle that is taking place today is one against extremism and fundamentalism and you don't have to be a Muslim to be guilty of it.

I want fiscal responsibility. I want equality for all men. I want prudence and I want peace. I want to be a Republican.

"My concern is not whether God is on our side, but whether we are on God's side."

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Pakistanis' future in US

Written by Syed Asad Ali Zaidi

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Having strong work ethics, we are respected inrepparttar business world as well. All this makes a sound foundation for a successful immigrant society. Our future depends on our continued strength, which lies inrepparttar 125919 ingrained values that we have accumulated overrepparttar 125920 years. Strategically our future is intertwined with that ofrepparttar 125921 American society. We should continue our future generations to be adequately educated in areas of science and technology.

This strategic path will bring most of us intorepparttar 125922 mainstream of Americana. Our future inrepparttar 125923 United States also depends on how we continue interacting withrepparttar 125924 society at large.

im belong to syed family and im now studing in karachi university in computer science department

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