"I Want My Ad In NOW, Not LATER!"

Written by BJ Evans

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Now, of course, you have to continue sending those ads in on a regular basis, just as you have been, so they will KEEP appearing every week.

Especially with FREE-ad ezines, they will at times have a backlog of ads, which isrepparttar reason forrepparttar 101104 delay in printing your ad. But, since they are free, we all need to have a little patience, be thankful forrepparttar 101105 free ads, and plan our advertising way ahead of time. I keep a separate log sheet for every ezine I advertise in. That way I know exactly which days I need to sendrepparttar 101106 next ads in.

As a side note, most ezines that offer free ads will only allow 1 ad per week, per advertiser. Don't try to beatrepparttar 101107 system by sending in more than your one ad. It won't work, because you just might wind up having NO ad placed. After all,repparttar 101108 ads are free, so please respectrepparttar 101109 wishes ofrepparttar 101110 publisher. You'll win inrepparttar 101111 long run.

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Writing Your Own Free Report

Written by Timothy Ward

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One ofrepparttar best ways to set up a free report is with an autoresponder. You can set up autoresponders free of charge at http://www.sendfree.com. There are other free autoresponder services; a search on Google yields at least 5 others. If you set up your free report on an autoresponder, then all someone has to do is send an email torepparttar 101103 autoresponder responder email address that you will be given when you finish setup and your free report will be sent directly to their inbox. This allows them to read it atrepparttar 101104 convenience. For example if you send an email to: mailto:onlinefriendship@sendfree.com, you will receive an article I wrote entitled 'The Power of Online Friendship'.

You can also haverepparttar 101105 free report on a seperate page on your website, or you cam have it downloadable from your website. No matter how you do it, giving away a free report is a great way to grab people's attention, and increase your sales.

Timothy Ward is an author and ezine publisher. For more information on his latest ezine the Free Promotion Tips Ezine visit: http://www.linkcounter.com/go.php?linkid=210240

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