Written by Irvin L. Rozier

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I can do nothing on my own You without sin castrepparttar first stone Inrepparttar 138250 eyes ofrepparttar 138251 world, my work seems in vain But in heaven above great treasures I gain

Copyright 2005 Irvin L. Rozier

Author of My Walk with the Lord, www.selahbooks.com, preacher, retired US Army

The Accidental Leader

Written by Steve Wright

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If you considerrepparttar underlying drivers that made you good atrepparttar 138139 hands-on work, you will discover that those same drivers apply in your new leadership role. The passion forrepparttar 138140 output will be just as applicable in helping you skill up in your new profession as it was withrepparttar 138141 previous one.

The next step is to accept we need to learnrepparttar 138142 new profession. Maybe at some stage you tried a few leadership courses and read some books but, they didnít seem have too much impact. - The difference this time is going to be commitment.

Overrepparttar 138143 next year, and it will take at least that long to make a good start, I am going to focus on what it takes for me to move from simply being a leader to showing leadership. Ofrepparttar 138144 endless resources available, I am going to endeavour to highlight justrepparttar 138145 key ones that helped me makerepparttar 138146 start inrepparttar 138147 right direction.

This is not about becomingrepparttar 138148 greatest leader known to man, this is aboutrepparttar 138149 basics of a profession that I donít remember choosing to be part of and that about which there is so much information I am struggling to know where to start.

Through building a community of people withrepparttar 138150 same challenge, sharing our experiences, and learning together, we will not only regainrepparttar 138151 satisfaction of our previous success, but revel inrepparttar 138152 exhilaration ofrepparttar 138153 greater teamís performance.

Join with me and lets us share this experience together. I have a central site (http://2leadership.com) that I am starting to collect resources and will be posting experiences and reviews to. I have set out a very basic agenda, but this journey has a different destination for all of us, so expect lots of changes torepparttar 138154 path.

Please email me and comment atrepparttar 138155 blog site (http://2leadership.blogspot.com). If you have a specific area or concern you want covered raise it now and letís see if we can build it intorepparttar 138156 curriculum.

Be brave, be famous.

Cheers Steve

I have found myself leading a team, and I need to learn the craft. Join me in this year long journey.

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