Written by Irvin L. Rozier

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by a mannequin of Jesus holding a lamb. Nearby was an American flag. I stepped up, she put "Amazing Grace" on a cassette recorder she had, I rendered a hand salute, held it asrepparttar Holy Ghost came on me, and tears began to pour down my cheeks. The crowd stood silent, asrepparttar 139994 words of Amazing Grace rang throughoutrepparttar 139995 area. After it was over, I dropped my salute, went to parade rest, andrepparttar 139996 Lord spoke to me and said, "Mission Accomplished", You can go back home, now." I wrote this story in my book, My Walk withrepparttar 139997 Lord, which byrepparttar 139998 way, has slowly spread likerepparttar 139999 ripples from a rock thrown in a lake. So, to answer your question, Yes,repparttar 140000 Lord has used me in all kinds of ways.

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Dante was told to make Hell

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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Inferno XX deals withrepparttar validity and legitimacy ofrepparttar 139976 acts of writing and reading. As Hollander has shown, Dante evokes his classical auctores in order to correct them, misreading their texts in such a way as to damn diviners, like Amphiaraus and Tiresias, whomrepparttar 139977 ancients considered noble practitioners ofrepparttar 139978 art, tellers of truth. By placing these diviners inrepparttar 139979 fourth bolgia, Dante establishes their falsity, and his disagreement on this score with his classical predecessors. One ofrepparttar 139980 classical predecessors so invoked is Vergil,repparttar 139981 Comedy's resident poeta, and it is as his new self that Vergil retellsrepparttar 139982 story of Manto, alteringrepparttar 139983 earlier account found inrepparttar 139984 tenth book ofrepparttar 139985 Aeneid. The Latin poem relates thatrepparttar 139986 prophetess bears a child, Ocnus, who foundsrepparttar 139987 city and gives it his mother's name: «qui muros matrisque dedit tibi, Mantua, nomen» («who gave you walls andrepparttar 139988 name of his mother, O Mantua» [Aen. X, 200]). The Comedy, onrepparttar 139989 other hand, relates that Manto, «la vergine cruda» (82), settled and died in a spot later chosen by men fromrepparttar 139990 surrounding regions as suitable for a city: «Fer la città sovra quell' ossa morte» (91). Most interesting about Vergil's speech is his closing injunction torepparttar 139991 pilgrim to disregard all other accounts of Mantova's founding; sincerepparttar 139992 only true story isrepparttar 139993 one he has just heard,repparttar 139994 pilgrim must «let no lie defraudrepparttar 139995 truth», i.e. he must reject all other accounts as false (97-99):” (1)

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