I Spy...Something Terribly Wrong (In Your Computer).

Written by Andrew Wroblewski

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OK, that's bad enough. But then, there isrepparttar second kind of Spyware. They are used by real spies, or at leastrepparttar 118703 kind that want to steal your credit card and personal information so they can clean out your bank accounts and assume your identity. You know,repparttar 118704 scary stuff that you're starting to hear about more and more.

So, what should I do? Did I need to reformat my hard drive? I hoped not because THAT was no walk inrepparttar 118705 park. Fortunately my college geek was up onrepparttar 118706 subject and took me to a website that specialized in safely removing Spyware. We downloaded and installedrepparttar 118707 software in just a few minutes and then fired it up. Holey Schmolie, I was infested. After about 15 minutes of chunking and plunking,repparttar 118708 software pronounced me fit and clean. Well, at least my PC was. We rebooted and Boom! All ofrepparttar 118709 speed and performance that had gradually been lost slammed right back into life. Even my Son was impressed.

Folks, this Spyware is serious stuff. You can't afford to be wiped out by some cyber terrorist half way acrossrepparttar 118710 world. Protect your PC and your identity. You probably already are infested. There's only one way to know for sure, you need to check it out for yourself.

Steve Robichaud and Andrew Wroblewski have been involved in online sales and marketing since 1996. For more information on finding and removing spyware from your PC, visit: http://spyware.pcwash.com/main/ email: admin@pcwash.com

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