I Need What Part?

Written by Henry Morgan

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4) Fitting: No, not a “dry” run of putting allrepparttar parts together to see if they “fit”, also included here to point out another bunch of terms to look-up. …Any pipe part used to join together two sections of pipe, such as elbows, couplings, bushings, bends, wyes, etc.

5) Flow Rate: Wrong…how highrepparttar 141970 water spouts out ofrepparttar 141971 tap whenrepparttar 141972 handle breaks off andrepparttar 141973 water is still turned on. …Rating in gallons per minute (GPM) or gallons per hour. (GPH)

6) Nipple: Again..this is NOT anatomy …A short length of pipe installed between couplings or other fittings.

7) O-Ring: Has absolutely nothing to do with a Space Shuttle although they serve a slightly similar purpose. …It is a round rubber washer used to create a water tight seal, chiefly around valve stems.

8) Snake; All I could envision here was a real sake put intorepparttar 141974 toilet to “eat” anything in its path onrepparttar 141975 way torepparttar 141976 septic tank, thenrepparttar 141977 screams ofrepparttar 141978 next person “using”repparttar 141979 toilet whenrepparttar 141980 snake returns. …A long, highly flexible metal wire or coil used for cleaning drains. Also called plumber's snake.

9) Stillson Wrench: Not a hat that looks like a pipe wrench. …It is a large L shaped pipe wrench. It has jaws that are adjustable and will tighten as pressure onrepparttar 141981 handle is increased. It is also known as a pipe wrench.

10) Teflon Tape: Not a how to video of plumbing projects involving plastics. …A fluorocarbon polymer with non-sticking properties used to wrap pipe threads to seal a joint.

11) Yoke: This is not a funny story by a Swedish plumber. …Usually a brass casting that holds bothrepparttar 141982 hot and cold valves andrepparttar 141983 mixing chamber forrepparttar 141984 water.

If you have a plumbing problem and are not sure about how plumbing works, this is not a time to experiment. Take it from personal experience,repparttar 141985 disasters you can create are not worthrepparttar 141986 need to say “humph who needs a plumber..I can fix this!” Do yourself a BIG favor and consult a plumber. If it is a small job that you can confidently fix yourself I have but one piece of advice to give…shut offrepparttar 141987 water first!!!!!!!

...and that is about it except for these final words that my late father always said:

A good flush beats a full house every time.

Henry Morgan is a computer technician who spends his spare time doing odd jobs as the community "Mr Fix It" He is sponsoring this site: http://www.plumbingworks.info

Tabriz Persian Rugs

Written by Jeff Brokob

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The material used forrepparttar pile of Tabriz rugs are wool, silk, or a combination ofrepparttar 141701 two. A beautiful blend of fine Kurk wool and silk isrepparttar 141702 most common in fine Tabriz rugs, with wool only used in those of medium quality. Inrepparttar 141703 very finest Tabriz rugs,repparttar 141704 foundation is pure silk instead of cotton, and some even have 18 or 24 karat gold threads woven intorepparttar 141705 foundation.

The master-weavers of Tabriz often weave their signature into a part ofrepparttar 141706 carpet's border. These signatures can, of course, be found on extremely fine rugs made in other cities, but a signature onrepparttar 141707 'ceremonial' border of a Naqsheh isrepparttar 141708 ultimate in formality and sophistication,repparttar 141709 true mark of Tabriz rugs.

Jeff Brokob is a freelance writer providing tips and advice for consumers buying Persian rugs of all types including Tabriz Rugs, Oriental carpets, and antique and contemporary rugs. His numerous articles offer money saving tips and valuable insight on typically confusing topics.

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