I Love Spam

Written by Dave Cole

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I actually love it when those card decks come inrepparttar postal mail. Flipping throughrepparttar 132842 cards, I'll put those that have attractive headlines in one pile, trashrepparttar 132843 ones that aren't appealing, then go back later and really readrepparttar 132844 one's inrepparttar 132845 first pile.

I'm always onrepparttar 132846 lookout for new ideas on what works in ad writing, new tactics ad writers employ, and seeing what is working and not working for them.

Successful online marketers are constantly studying not only their own ads, but what others are doing. So instead of getting upsetrepparttar 132847 next time you receive your daily dose of spam, why not look at it as an opportunity to help you become a better marketer?

If you would like your name removed from many ofrepparttar 132848 bulk mailing lists, this Web site will be a blessing. Simply give them your e-mail address and they will scan their bulk mailing lists and remove you. It is a unique concept they have. You can read more about what they do at their Web site.


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Spam Mania - Would you like to ruin a business? - Guilty Till Proven Innocent!

Written by Dale Reardon

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Spamcop contactedrepparttar hosting upline that my site was on and a little while later sent me an email. I won't revealrepparttar 132841 host here as that may prevent this article getting published (as lots of you are probably hosted on them) butrepparttar 132842 host didn't bother contacting me either, they just closed my domain instantly. Did they assume I might be innocent either? No! I only found out when I went to check my site - you should do this regularly.

Eventually I resolvedrepparttar 132843 matter withrepparttar 132844 hosting upline but throughout this whole process I was a condemned man - convicted and sentenced to death without even getting a hearing first - let alone a fair one. For heavens sake, even some third world dictatorships pretend to have a fair trial - not even that happened here.

So a complaint was made to Spamcop - they accepted it without question - heh, after all I'm not a big name and even ifrepparttar 132845 person forgets they have subscribed Spamcop says that is still spam - and then my website went down.

Now I was lucky - I don't scare too easily and I don't give up a fight. However I admit this episode was terrifying and caused me lost sleep. It also made me realise how fragile your business can be and how we must all fight against such hysteria - we must remain innocent until proven guilty.

Personally if I reported spam I would want it investigated and both sides given a chance to explain themselves before any action was taken. I don't think this is too much to ask do you?

So please think very carefully before reporting spam and contactrepparttar 132846 person who sentrepparttar 132847 email first to discussrepparttar 132848 matter. Remember, if you don't one day you could end up in this sort of trouble yourself.


Don't use your sword and simply send off a spam complaint without thinking. Take it very seriously becauserepparttar 132849 consequences are ultra serious.

However all is not gloom and doom. There is an organisation I have discovered that is fighting back against these self proclaimed spam vigilantes. E-crucible is a wonderful organisation which I encourage you all to join for Free and help them in their mission. Here is their mission statement and website:


e-Crucible, Inc. is committed to returning sanity and responsibility torepparttar 132850 Internet. We feel thatrepparttar 132851 hysteria regardingrepparttar 132852 use of what is termed "Unsolicited Commercial Email" (UCE or "Spam") that is prevalent inrepparttar 132853 Internet culture today is unfair, irresponsible and counter- productive to maintainingrepparttar 132854 Internet as a free marketplace.

The Internet respects no national boundaries. Therefore, any policies regardingrepparttar 132855 Internet will be most effective if made atrepparttar 132856 international level. We will advocate for a fair and reasonable INTERNATIONAL policy regarding "Unsolicited Commercial Email" (UCE or "Spam") and its fair enforcement by all Internet Service Providers.

We are commited to opposing by any ethical, political, and legal means availablerepparttar 132857 vigilante activities of "anti- Spam" fanatics andrepparttar 132858 unfair and unjust handling of "Spam" complaints by certain Internet Service Providers.

The Internet isrepparttar 132859 greatest tool for freedom inrepparttar 132860 history of mankind. e-Crucible believes in maintainingrepparttar 132861 Internet as a free marketplace forrepparttar 132862 exchange of ideas, products and services.

I highly commend E-crucible to you and urge you to join their email discussion list to discuss these matters here:


You might not think you will have your life ruined by a spam complaint but believe me, it can happen. I am not ruined myself, but I will personally fight to bring some sanity back torepparttar 132863 spam debate. I hope you will support our cause and bring fairness and democracy back torepparttar 132864 internet. Remember, we should all be innocent until proven guilty.

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