I Love Opera!

Written by Gary Konigsberg

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Opera - Big Thumb Way Up! This isrepparttar third most popular browser behind IE and Netscape. There is even an "Opera for Dummies" book. A sure sign that you have made it in this modern sophisticated time period of history is if they write a "for dummies" book about your product. Then you maderepparttar 119095 big time! :)

This is strictly a browser that is excellent for research and for pure fun - it is full of many preset links to web sites under just about any topic. For instance, if you go to "lifestyles" underrepparttar 119096 bookmarks tab it will take you to 35 different sites on subject as diverse as cooking, gardening to sites for parents and for senior citizens, etc. Then you can go to its sub headings, for instance "travel" which has about 35 sites on weather in different regions, access to hotel and airfare arrangements,etc. Or you can go torepparttar 119097 "computers" subheading and find links to sites with names like "howrepparttar 119098 internet came to be", "how to fight spam", "cool site ofrepparttar 119099 day", "search engine tutorials" etc and then subheadings to several key categories such asrepparttar 119100 technology of HTML (the code used to design web sites) and anti virus software. I could go on. Additionally, there are all sorts of features on how you can customize what you are viewing to your own preferences, none of these options are available in other browsers. Email is integrated nicely and you can import favorites from IE or from Netscape.

I would like to point out thatrepparttar 119101 difference between a wonderfully user friendly and helpful browser like Opera andrepparttar 119102 arrogance of AOL is that with Opera you are given access to tons of web sites right from your browser window that provide you with excellent information for whatever subject you may be interested in. AOL onrepparttar 119103 other hand co-optsrepparttar 119104 internet into its own "channels" which are less informative, less helpful and which are presented in such a way as to make you less likely to become more interested inrepparttar 119105 subject. Not to mention that it is arrogance beyond belief to try to sell customers that AOL isrepparttar 119106 internet when it is a very diluted, very inferior alteration of what is available if you use a product like Opera. AOL may have limited use for someone who is just a dabbler atrepparttar 119107 internet and wants everything presented to them in bite size portions. It is like Internet lite or maybe a TV dinner version ofrepparttar 119108 internet. Aside fromrepparttar 119109 fact that AOL is inferior in quality and features as regards its email and connectivity and many other things that you would userepparttar 119110 internet for.

Thumb down - Does not haverepparttar 119111 ability to integrate other software products and remember passwords, etc as does IE. Tends to be a bit slow so far in my usage. There are two versions - one is free but has a big ad banner inrepparttar 119112 tool bar andrepparttar 119113 other is $39.

These arerepparttar 119114 key players inrepparttar 119115 WWW Browser game. What I do is I use IE when I am doing something where I will need to fill out a lot of forms, I use Opera for doing research and I use Enigma when I need to fly through many pages rapidly. This isrepparttar 119116 best combination I have been able to develop. Maybe someday someone will come up with a single browser that serves all purposes. Hopefully it will not be Microsoft.

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Educate Yourself about Telecommuting... But don't go broke buying Information Packets!

Written by Edward B. Toupin

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Taking this list of items, go to one ofrepparttar larger search engines and begin your search for each item. Findrepparttar 119094 most relevant site or article and use that as a basis to extend your research until you understandrepparttar 119095 basics forrepparttar 119096 given topic.

Believe it or not, most ofrepparttar 119097 information you need to understand telecommuting and how to locate such opportunities is available at sites like:

- Telecommuting@About (http:/ elecommuting.about.com/) - Job Search@About (http://jobsearch.about.com/) - Freelance Write@About (http://freelancewrite.about.com/) - Career Planning@About (http://careerplanning.about.com/) - June Langhoff (http://www.langhoff.com/) - Gil Gordon (http://www.gilgordon.com/)

As for locatingrepparttar 119098 jobs that are usually listed inrepparttar 119099 packets, you can find this information in several locations, including:

- Telecommuting Jobs (http://www.tjobs.com/) - Jobvertise (http://www.jobvertise.com/)

--- What's next? ---

To avoid spending money unnecessarily, pay attention torepparttar 119100 content ofrepparttar 119101 packets before you buy or make sure that they have a return policy. Also, focus onrepparttar 119102 information sites that can add value to your endeavors, not repeatrepparttar 119103 same information already available and known.

If you spend a little time onrepparttar 119104 Internet, you will findrepparttar 119105 free information that is otherwise available in most ofrepparttar 119106 for-purchase telecommuting packages. All you have to do is researchrepparttar 119107 topic and learn what you can fromrepparttar 119108 morass of information available.

Edward B. Toupin is a freelance consultant, writer, and published author living in Las Vegas. With 10 years of experience, Edward provides quality Web site design, development, and marketing as well as writing, document design and planning, and e-book publishing services. You can visit his Web site at http://www.toupin.com or contact him at etoupin@toupin.com.

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