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Second piece of advice…ignore weather forecasts (they’re about as reliable as a crapshoot in this country). Just bring along a big bumbershoot (capable of handling two months of something called “heavy precipitation”). Be prepared to brandish a large can of bug-repellent atrepparttar least sign of black-flies (that appear during a one-month season called “summer”). And whatever you do, don’t forget to buy a six-pack of premium beer to wash down allrepparttar 150599 bugs (and warmrepparttar 150600 cockles of your heart so you can cope withrepparttar 150601 other 11 months of brisk temperatures, blustery breezes and blinding blizzards).

Third piece of advice, use your imagination and figure out what you might want to find in a large-print, picture book called “A Manual on Moose, Mosquitoes & Mukluks”. Hint: You might want to explorerepparttar 150602 following: (1) why Santa Claus moved with his far-fetched family torepparttar 150603 North Pole to set up a toy shop; (2) why some smelly soul called “Sasquatch” likes to hang out in provincial parks; and (3) why Snow White decided not to invest in cottage country because a carnivorous creature called “Little Red Riding Hood” got there first and devoured three French-speaking hens (who knows why), two calling birds (who probably wouldn’t shut up) and a big bad wolf (who was on sale atrepparttar 150604 butcher shop for $8.95 plus 7% GST).

Fare thee well Oh Canada. And, as a token of my deepest affection for your weed-whacking wilderness, wretched weather, and weird ways…may you enjoy my tingling toes, tidily pum. Because after walking in someone else’s moccasins and mukluks for a month or two, I now know whyrepparttar 150605 deer andrepparttar 150606 antelope, not to mentionrepparttar 150607 beaver and bear, plusrepparttar 150608 ‘Abominable Person of Snow’ all call this problematical place “home”.

Theolonius McTavish, can be found lollgagging and lounging about like the lip-laboured, long-in-the-mouth mystery man he is in the company of other boisterous boffins and bird-duffers at www.quippingqueen.blogspot.com

A Few Tips On Comic Book Bags

Written by AAA-Collectables

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The economy comic backing should be used for short-term storage and stiffening purposes only. It does contain acid and can contribute torepparttar breakdown ofrepparttar 150301 comic. People generally use this board for quick sale items. The standard acid-free comic backing material is acid-free and can be used for long-term storage (over 100 years). The archival comic backing material is acid-free and buffered with calcium carbonate, which means that it will remain archival for 100's of years. Our comic backing boards are sized to properly fit into our comic bags.

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