I Know What You Did Last Night!

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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Suffice it to say that information, inrepparttar information economy, hasrepparttar 119071 value we used to assign to precious metals or gemstones. When things have value, they are susceptible to theft, graft, bribes and criminal abuses by bad guys. Information is golden and precious. We need to define a new type of "Fort Knox" for information sources. Security, encryption and permission levels to access distribute, store and manage all types of information that exists in millions of databases that could all be easily merged.

I was told today of a web site that exists allowing you to send snail mail to someone by entering their email address in a web form. DoubleClick was thoroughly reamed for publicly announcing their intention to merge online and offline databases for exactly that ability, yet other companies are operating quietly without public outcry. Because they are doing it without telling us.

"I know what you did last night" may soon be a wonderful and welcome comment if it comes from your milk carton. Let's just keep that information inrepparttar 119072 family of inanimate objects and out ofrepparttar 119073 hands ofrepparttar 119074 government, criminals, telemarketers and unsavory data warehousing software developers.

A recent privacy uproar concernsrepparttar 119075 public posting of ICQ logs fromrepparttar 119076 PC of a web company CEO concerning internal private discussions overrepparttar 119077 instant messaging service.


In this case it was someone having access torepparttar 119078 same PC that led torepparttar 119079 security breach, but it has fired discussions about how instant messaging text is served and how and where it is stored and who has access to those logs, how they might be accessed externally and by whom and if they are encrypted.

This isrepparttar 119080 un-nerving side of ease of access to information but there are also some seriously funny thoughts on privacy:


The link above will take you to a hilarious article describing a "continuous series of detachable, 480x480-pixel square displays, complete with Bluetooth wireless communications!"

This "display" innovation may get more personal than you think since it comes asrepparttar 119081 newest version of "Free Toilet Paper with Banner Ads".

Talk about getting personal with privacy issues!

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With The Right Support You Can Reach The Stars

Written by Martin Avis

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Some will know more but will modestly hold back.

Some will wear their knowledge and experience like a badge.

Take counsel from all of them and then use your own common-sense to filterrepparttar wheat fromrepparttar 119070 chaff.

But where do you find these people? Where do you go to build your bedrock?

Three examples of place I have personally found particularly useful to gain knowledge:

Newsletter publishing: http://www.ezineuniversity.com/

This amazing site will teach you everything you need to know about setting up and running an e-zine, absolutely free.

General help and advice: http://www.ablake.net/forum/

By farrepparttar 119071 best all-round forum for Internet marketing I have come across. Very active and extremely helpful. I belong to several subscription sites, but Anthony Blake's free discussion group beats them all.

Subscribe to e-zines: If you are reading this, chances are you already do, but search out more. There are thousands around and many of them are excellent.

The key to all of this, however, is not to just joinrepparttar 119072 examples above and take what you need. True success, and vital support comes from interacting fully. Share what knowledge you have. Offer suggestions. Email e-zine publishers with feedback or questions. Make yourself as busy helping other people (in whatever way you can) as possible. I this way, folk will respond to you. Friendships will grow. Other people inrepparttar 119073 same situation as you will be drawn into your circle. Opportunities that may never have seemed possible will begin to come your way.

I have proved this to be true time and again, and have developed some wonderful online friendships that I cherish highly. But if I hadn't been open torepparttar 119074 idea of approaching and offering support to others, I couldn't have expected others to be there for me.

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