Written by Kay L. Schlagel

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I can say no to strangers, kids at school, and even an adult, because my body is my own. If something happens and Iím afraid to tell my family, I know I can dial 911 onrepparttar phone. My mom said if someone tries to touch me at school or threatens me with harm. Scream and yell real loud, and if I need too, pullrepparttar 138810 fire alarm. I like feeling good about myself andrepparttar 138811 feeling of being safe and well. I have learned about good and bad touch, and how important it is to tell.

Kay Schlagel is a 45 y.o living in Nebraska with 2 grown sons. She artist/author and an adult survivor of child abuse. See her sites at www.mdmkay.blogspot.com, www.jkdimports.com, and www.artwanted.com/mdmkay

Reducing the Administrative Burden for Further Education Colleges

Written by Tokairo

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A system is therefore needed that gives FE college administrative staffrepparttar flexibility to chooserepparttar 138789 data capture methods that best suit their specific requirements. The software applied to control this document management needed to adapt to paper registers, direct data entry and remote entry using Web registers.

This flexibility is also needed in any reporting application, as users would need a wide range of report options. The most streamlined system would naturally allow users to create and save reports onrepparttar 138790 Web.

As well as offering Web reporting,repparttar 138791 ideal software would also contain a Web portal with restricted access, password permissions allowing access to relevant information, plusrepparttar 138792 ability to Process EMA bonus payments and EMA documentation. Secure web access for attendance data entry and Web-based attendance reporting would complete an ideal system.

Tokairo specialises in delivering attendance tracking software and document management systems to Further Education colleges in the UK.

Visit http://www.tokam.com for further information REF=TO3GO

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