I KNOW I'm in Heaven!

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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I've determined that this KNOWING can be found and nurtured for business success as well. We all haverepparttar capacity,repparttar 117921 intuition andrepparttar 117922 resources to acheive entrepreneurial nirvana if we only haverepparttar 117923 *desire* to reach into ourselves and find it. I may even develop my own love of small business into a "Business Success" and "Financial Prosperity" hypnosis practice. The ability to call upon our own resources from deep inside is nothing short of magical when done while in hypnosis.

The course I completed can be seen in an ad we run regularly below forrepparttar 117924 Alchemy Institute of Healing Arts hypnotherapy training school. I had no intention of actually becoming a hypnotherapist when I beganrepparttar 117925 course in trade for work in marketing their web site.


The course is a highly recommended method of profound personal transformation. But once I sawrepparttar 117926 healing and personal growth that came for myself and all my fellow classmates, (ach of us have done hundreds of hours of "practice" hypnosis sessions on fellow classmates). I am sure I will use it to help others.

Even if it's only to convince others of their own ability to be successful in web business. We are all being hypnotized by mass media to believe thatrepparttar 117927 internet is a failure when in fact there are literally millions of us working profitably online. I KNOW that I'm in Heaven. ^j^

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New Year's Resolutions for Your Home Business

Written by Donna Schwartz Mills

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to their paper journals. "Accumulated tapes blowrepparttar IRS away in an audit," he says. You can find some nice shareware for tracking auto expenses at: < http://www.winappslist.com/hobby/automotive_apps.htm > Resolution #3: Get Your Accounts in Order If you've put off getting a business bank account or installing that new accounting package, this isrepparttar 117920 best time ofrepparttar 117921 year to start. Remember that a separate bank account is one ofrepparttar 117922 factorsrepparttar 117923 IRS uses when deciding if your home enterprise is a business and entitled to business-related tax deductions. (Other factors are whether you have business cards and stationery, have advertised or can document that you've been trying to generate business). For more tax advice, visit our friend, Eva Rosenberg (akarepparttar 117924 TaxMama) at: < http://www.taxmama.com > Resolution #4: Provide Better Customer Service Vow to answer your email in a timely manner, change your business voice mail on a daily basis, and treat your customers as you would like to be treated. For more suggestions on growing your business with good customer service, go to: < http://www.parentpreneurclub.com/ppc_cserviceart.html > Resolution #5: Update your Business and Marketing Plans You can't get to your destination without a roadmap, and these are your guides to business success. For specific suggestions, go to: < http://parentpreneurclub.com/Archive/aaeditor1001.html > Resolution #6: Make Time for Yourself Home-based entrepreneurs are often running in several different directions - all at once. They shift gears atrepparttar 117925 drop of a child's skinned knee, only to shift right back when a client calls. Many who work at home are so busy taking care of their families and businesses that they overlookrepparttar 117926 most important ones of all: Themselves. Vow this year to give yourself a few hours each week to do something just for you - be it exercise, coffee with friends, a bargain matinee -- or anything else that you enjoy. To paraphraserepparttar 117927 late Dr. Seuss: These things are fun and fun is good...This year is gone, this year was fun and next year is another one!

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