I Helped Exorcize a Spirit

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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He touched her there one night and her body rigidly swung in that direction. He touched her onrepparttar other arm inrepparttar 151205 same spot and it caused her to return to normal. We had discussed some possibilities relating to her relationship with her father before he died. I told him that I thought her father was 'possessing' her fromrepparttar 151206 grave, as those who seek to breed fear say. He had a hard time dealing with this but did not rejectrepparttar 151207 possibility completely. Tom did not know what to do. We continued to talk for over three months after this event and he saw no other possibility as her condition continued to worsen. His wife had a sister who had become a 'black sheep' due to some things she said aboutrepparttar 151208 father and his abuse. She had some experience with witchcraft and seemed to agree with me as Tom reported back to me. His wife was on her death bed inrepparttar 151209 hospital and had been givenrepparttar 151210 'last rites'.

There were doctors and nurses as well asrepparttar 151211 Monsignor and other family members in attendance. Tom had discussed my theory withrepparttar 151212 ‘black sheep' sister and they toldrepparttar 151213 other family members to join hands séance style, in a circle with their loved one inrepparttar 151214 center holding her hands on either side ofrepparttar 151215 bed. The authorities watched asrepparttar 151216 sister was thrown out of this circle torepparttar 151217 wall and almost outrepparttar 151218 window. Tom's wife came to consciousness immediately at this juncture. I told Tom this wasrepparttar 151219 point whererepparttar 151220 fathers' soul was freed fromrepparttar 151221 limbo state or purgatory and able to freely pursue its' soulful purpose, when I heard what had occurred. His wife was immediately better and he brought her to meet me two days later or so. I was not allowed to talk to her about what had actually occurred. Tom spoke about our exorcism with his psychologist who had witnessedrepparttar 151222 event and his psychologist or psychiatrist said there was no better explanation. The Monsignor was not so inclined to sayrepparttar 151223 least. He said THEY (The Catholic church) wererepparttar 151224 only ones who could perform an exorcism. The cardinal or bishop level exorcists who inculcaterepparttar 151225 victims with dogma and fearful or hallucinatory visions haverepparttar 151226 audacity to state they arerepparttar 151227 only ones who can deal withrepparttar 151228 nature ofrepparttar 151229 spiritual world. This provides an interesting insight torepparttar 151230 way they operate in all their doctrines and dogmatic control of their 'flock'.

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Written by konstantin otto c. botschkowski

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The more sordid isrepparttar character more kind and friendlyrepparttar 151124 personality. The character is innate and unalterable [it is biological]. The personality is created byrepparttar 151125 education [it is cultural]. Personality can be molded [wrought]. The character cannot be altered. It is easier to teach a color-blind one to seerepparttar 151126 colors that to teach an amoral one to be honest. Examples ofrepparttar 151127 recent history: Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Gorbatchov, Osama Bin Laden. Coffee Break® http://oz.pro.br/wt/ Dowload http://oz.pro.br/coffee/coffee.zip/ São Paulo April of 2005 konstantin Otto.

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