I Hate To Say That I Told You So

Written by Bill Knell

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There will always be a bad guyrepparttar government uses as an excuse to chip away at your Rights. Whether itís drug dealers, terrorists, puppy mill operators or someone else, it will be YOU who will lose your Rights andrepparttar 147113 bad guys will still be there. Thatís becauserepparttar 147114 legislation that ends up as law doesnít mention drug dealers, terrorists or puppy mill operators. It mentions YOU. You arerepparttar 147115 one who will be told where to live, how to travel, what to eat, what type of business you can own and which activities they feel are politically correct enough for you to be involved in.

I hate to say I told you so, but I did. I predicted that no matter which party was elected in any election, YOU would berepparttar 147116 loser. I always say to use your vote before you lose it. That time may have already past.


You can read more aboutrepparttar 147117 intrusive PAWS Act at http://billknell.tripod.com/PAWS.htm

A native New Yorker now living in Arizona, Bill Knell is a forty-something guy with a wealth of knowledge and experience. He's written hundreds of articles offer advice on a wide variety of subjects.

Goldfish Feeding Tips

Written by Dane Stanton

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Live foods

The live foods that goldfish can safely eat include Daphnia, Brine Shrimp, Tubiflex worms, Meal worms, Wax worms and Blood worms.

Special treat for your goldfish You can make a special ďgel foodĒ for your goldfish thatís quite easy to do. This can be given torepparttar goldfish along withrepparttar 147005 main staple as a once-in-a-while treat. Hereís what you need will need: a packet of unflavored gelatin; an empty ice cube tray and a 2.5 oz jar of baby food in a vegetable flavor such as carrots, peas or green beans.

* Take ľ cup cold water in a small saucepan and pourrepparttar 147006 contents ofrepparttar 147007 packet of gelatin inrepparttar 147008 water and stir over low heat untilrepparttar 147009 gelatin dissolves.

* Add ĺ cup water, stirring till itís well blended.

* Addrepparttar 147010 baby food and stir thoroughly.

* Now pourrepparttar 147011 mixture into an ice cube tray and let it cool for about half an hour.

* Refrigeraterepparttar 147012 mixture for a few hours till it solidifies.

When itís feeding time just pop out a cube, cut it into small strips and feed it to your goldfish! One tray is more than enough for two 4- to 5-inch goldfish for a week. Make sure you dumprepparttar 147013 leftovers after a week, as itís good to give them fresh stuff.

Whatever it is, you will find that your goldfish are not fussy eaters. They have a wide array of food to choose from and they can eat quite a lot, which you would need to regulate. You will need to remember that they are temperate fish that do not need a diet high in protein. Goldfish are classified as coldwater fish and, as a rule; do not need to eat a diet that is high in protein. What they need is a carbohydrate-rich diet withrepparttar 147014 adequate vitamins.

That is whyrepparttar 147015 best option for Goldfish arerepparttar 147016 floating pellets orrepparttar 147017 flakes which are specially made for Goldfish and have allrepparttar 147018 necessary nutrients. Ask your goldfish dealer as well as other owners and decide on what is best forrepparttar 147019 goldfish.

Having 30 years experience in everything Goldfish, Dane Stanton has spent the past 18 months researching the most pressing questions on Goldfish. This information has been recorded in his book titled - "Goldfish Secrets Revealed" - which you can pick up by going to his website - http://www.infotrate.com/goldfish.htm

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