Written by Irvin L. Rozier

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Our four senior class sponsors gave us much advise Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Broome, Mr. Moore and Mr. Henderson were wise Less than 100 were in my graduating class I remember paying five dollars for a tank of gas

The years that have rolled by since that graduation night Have flown away like a March wind blown kite O that I could turn backrepparttar hands of time When I was a senior and a coke cost a dime.

Copyright 2005 Irvin L. Rozier, Class of 1970

Author of My Walk with the Lord, www.selahbooks.com, various other articles, stories and poems (do a google or yahoo advanced search on my name), Preacher, retired US Army, Graduate of Excelsior College (BS,AS), Wright State University, AA, plus 26 military professional development courses including Adjutant General Officers Basic and Advanced Courses, the Warrant Officer Senior College course, and the Military Personnel officer Course

10 Pointers on College Loan Consolidation

Written by Georgio Heberto

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7. Rates for federal Stafford loans,repparttar most prevalent type of student loan, as well as some other types of federal student loans are set annually based onrepparttar 139514 rate of 91-day U.S. Treasury bills atrepparttar 139515 end of May. The exact rate won't be known untilrepparttar 139516 end ofrepparttar 139517 month, but experts say it will be about 2 percentage points higher. (Private loans and federal loans cannot be consolidated together.)

8. Forrepparttar 139518 first time,repparttar 139519 U.S. Department of Education will allow students still in school to consolidate federally backed loans. Federal PLUS loans can also be consolidated. PLUS loans are used to help payrepparttar 139520 cost higher education.

9. Students, regardless of enrollment, should absolutely consolidate their college loans, arranged throughrepparttar 139521 student's lender. There are no fees, no credit checks, and interest rates are expected to move higher. Those are good reasons to consolidate.

10. Act quickly to put lock on current federal-aid interest rates. Graduates should act now to insulate themselves from a drastic rate change. Apply early. Do not wait untilrepparttar 139522 last minute to file paperwork. Those who have already graduated or left school should not wait to investigate consolidation. Inrepparttar 139523 first six months after graduation, you are in a grace period. Within that six-month window, you can lock in a low rate on Stafford loans and spreadrepparttar 139524 repayment over as long as 30 years. If you're going to consolidate, now isrepparttar 139525 best time to do it.

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