I Don't Want That To Happen

Written by Jan Tincher

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Watchrepparttar words you say. If they aren’t stating how you would like to be, change them until they do. Take charge of your future. Make surerepparttar 131307 words you are saying aren’t describing your yesterdays. Make sure they are forecastingrepparttar 131308 tomorrows YOU want.

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Brainpower For The Overwhelmed

Written by Eileen McDargh, CSP, CPAE

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2. Say “no” to answering every message.

The average American receives 201 phone, paper, and e-mail messages a day. Take care of those that are priority and letrepparttar rest drop off. Ignorerepparttar 131304 messages that are uninvited and unnecessary.

3. Let technology work for you in prioritizing.

Called ID and voice mail can allow you to screen calls. For those who depend upon business coming in via phone and need to take every call, develop a way to shorten incoming sales calls. Telemarketing calls that come in via a computer dial-up have a few seconds of silence before a voice is heard. If that’srepparttar 131305 case, just hang up. If you are solicited, ask them to please out your name onrepparttar 131306 DO NOT call list. And then hang up.

4. Create a centering place.

Whether it is inrepparttar 131307 silence of your car, or in a shower, or closing your door, take 15 minutes per day to practice paying attention to ONE thing: your breathing, a flower, a fish tank. Likerepparttar 131308 muscle in our bodies,repparttar 131309 brain gets strong Irepparttar 131310 places where we train it. Focus turns SADD into glad!

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