I Didn't Know These Are Slowly Destroying My Scrapbooks!

Written by Palyn Peterson

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Another consideration when using fabrics is ifrepparttar color will bleed off onto your page and other things touching it. To test for this, cut a square inch off and soak it in a glass of water over night. If there is no color bleeding from itrepparttar 116088 next day, then there isn't any risk to your scrapbook. But if you do see color inrepparttar 116089 water, or collecting atrepparttar 116090 bottom ofrepparttar 116091 glass then don't use that fabric in your scrapbook at all.

When using glitter, be sure there is a top layer of spray adhesive to lock them down, or better yet use special glitter glue whererepparttar 116092 glitter is mixed right in. If this is not done rightrepparttar 116093 glitter will slowly fall off, and loose glitter means scratched photos.

After you have plannedrepparttar 116094 layout for your photos, be sure that you are usingrepparttar 116095 right kind of mounting tape for them! Regular mounting tape is fine for buttons and bottle caps, but when it come to mounting photos you need to use special photo mounting tape which is completely acid-free. If you don't, your photos will slowly discolor. The tape should say "acid-free" right onrepparttar 116096 packaging.

These are just a few simple things you can do to ensure that your scrapbooks last and last.

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Freelance Photography: How to Begin Your Career

Written by Colin Hartness

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To start getting jobs as a freelance photographer, you need a portfolio. A portfolio will show samples of your work. Even if you have never had photographs published or publicly displayed, you can start a portfolio of your best work and then add onto it if you win photography contests or start receiving paid work.

How to Get Jobs

As we mentioned, building a portfolio isrepparttar first step in submitting your work for pay but when it comes right down to it, itísrepparttar 116087 quality ofrepparttar 116088 photo that will determine if you get paid for it. Some people have more of a natural talent for taking great pictures than others but it is a skill that anyone can learn. There are schools dedicated torepparttar 116089 art of photography and you can even get a degree in it. If you are just getting started, you can look into classes provided by your local community center or community college. Some cities have photography groups that meet to share photos and tips. There are also many groups online dedicated to photography and freelance photography.

You need to view as many famous photographs as possible. Take a look at what is getting published and compare it to your own photos. This allows you to compare and learn from otherís work. It takes more than just point and shoot to get a great photo. You need to learn about focus, lighting, colors and backgrounds and much more.

Once you start learning about photography and creating a portfolio, you can start submitting your photos to contests and magazines. Get a list of photography markets and start submitting to ones that accept your type of photos. Donít expect to make it torepparttar 116090 big times right away. Few people actually achieve this but you can start small and eventually make your way into a nice living from freelance photography.

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