"I Built a Better Mousetrap"-- Advice on Protecting Your Creation With a U.S. Patent

Written by Larry Denton

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Finally,repparttar examiner decides onrepparttar 105609 patentablility ofrepparttar 105610 invention based onrepparttar 105611 information found duringrepparttar 105612 novelty search. Assumingrepparttar 105613 examiner is eventually satisfied thatrepparttar 105614 patent claims are narrow enough to distinguish it from "prior art," andrepparttar 105615 inventor is satisfied thatrepparttar 105616 claims are still broad enough to have value,repparttar 105617 patent will then be issued.

Patent law does allow an inventor to "act for himself" in obtaining a patent, meaningrepparttar 105618 inventor can do everything himself. However, without some prior experience or some legal training there isrepparttar 105619 danger of applying for protection that is so broad that your patent is never issued, or is so specific that your invention is not fully protected.

Invention Development Organizations (IDOs) are private and public consulting and marketing businesses that have come into existence to help inventors bring their products to market, or to otherwise profit from their ideas. While many of these organizations are legitimate, some are not. Be extremely wary of any IDO that is willing to promote your invention or product without making a detailed inquiry intorepparttar 105620 merits of your idea and giving you a full range of options which you may pursue.

To fully protect your creative works and your potential profits, you should always consider obtainingrepparttar 105621 services of a competent and reliable patent attorney. Whilerepparttar 105622 costs may appear expensive,repparttar 105623 protection offered by a U.S. patent for a commercially valuable invention more than justifiesrepparttar 105624 cost.

Even after your patent has been granted, you may still require professional patent assistance. Patent professionals can monitorrepparttar 105625 marketplace for inventors (or copycats) who are infringing on your ideas. The strongest patent inrepparttar 105626 world is worthless if you do not ensure that it is being enforced.

Larry Denton is a retired history teacher having taught 33 years at Hobson High in Hobson, Montana. He is currently Vice President of Elfin Enterprise, Inc., an Internet business providing information and resources on a number of timely topics. For a court room full of additional information and answers to your patent questions visit http://www.PatentPath.com

Some Thoughts about getting Tough...

Written by Terry Dashner

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Mona Charen continues, “In 1949,repparttar Court declared that retribution was ‘no longerrepparttar 105608 dominant objective ofrepparttar 105609 criminal law.’ With naïve optimism, it declared thatrepparttar 105610 goal of incarceration would henceforth be ‘reformation and rehabilitation.’”

In 1961 in Mapp v. Ohio,repparttar 105611 US Supreme Court ruled that evidence obtained without a warrant could not be used in state criminal trials—the birth ofrepparttar 105612 exclusionary rule. The exclusionary rule has done more to damagerepparttar 105613 innocent and rewardrepparttar 105614 criminally charged than any other court ruling inrepparttar 105615 past 40 years. Mona points out, and I agree whole heartedly—why not just punishrepparttar 105616 rogue police officer for abusingrepparttar 105617 system instead of punishing society by enacting an exclusionary rule? Why do good people have to suffer atrepparttar 105618 hands of a few rogue police tactics, and “knee-jerk” Court rulings while rewardingrepparttar 105619 criminal by releasing him on technicalities—the fruit ofrepparttar 105620 poisoned tree? Such isrepparttar 105621 way of “over reacting.”

Charen writes, “There is no question that a liberal approach to crime—leniency in sentencing, greater procedural protections forrepparttar 105622 accused, rationalizations (poverty, rage, or frustration) for criminal conduct, and a tendency to blame society rather thanrepparttar 105623 perpetrator for criminal acts—created a climate inrepparttar 105624 1960s and 1970s that helped to boostrepparttar 105625 crime rate. Other liberal initiatives and ideas further weakened restraints on lawlessness:repparttar 105626 decline ofrepparttar 105627 family, welfare dependency, andrepparttar 105628 overall withdrawal of respect for authority.” It’s true thatrepparttar 105629 middle class can move out ofrepparttar 105630 bad neighborhoods butrepparttar 105631 very poor are stuck to bearrepparttar 105632 burden of criminal victimization. The poor have to rely onrepparttar 105633 police (who are held subject to search and seizure restrictions ofrepparttar 105634 Fourth Amendment) and court systems to rescue them and keep them safe. Have you ever had to rely onrepparttar 105635 overly burdened court system for justice?

More on this later…Pastor T.dash…Keeprepparttar 105636 faith. Stayrepparttar 105637 course. Jesus alone is perfect justice.

Pastors a small church in Broken Arrow, OK.

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