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I believerepparttar Universe is brimming over in life and it also contains lifeforms that are advanced technologically to reach other stars.

Now...logic begsrepparttar 143636 question, why denyrepparttar 143637 presence of Extraterestrials? Is it because our culture is not ready to hearrepparttar 143638 truth? Is it because of whatrepparttar 143639 implications of what it could mean to organized religions? Is it becauserepparttar 143640 aliens are malevolent and mean us harm? Does our government and others work collectively togther to hiderepparttar 143641 real truth as to protectrepparttar 143642 population ofrepparttar 143643 Earth? Only a small group of people knowrepparttar 143644 real answer to this question, but logic dictates that they definately knowrepparttar 143645 truth and they will go to all lengths to protect that secret. If you were a government that was interested in protecting yourself, you would dorepparttar 143646 logical thing and userepparttar 143647 technology that you glean from aliens to bridge that gap.

I believe that is what we see today. I could go on about what I think is happening but that is for another day. I always think back to that day 20 years ago when I was looking intorepparttar 143648 sky during a full moon to see that circular object that was creeping acrossrepparttar 143649 sky fully basked in that ambient light. No object travels that slow and any object that is real WILL blot outrepparttar 143650 light of star behind it. This one did. Yes.... I believe in UFOS and you will too when that fateful day comes knocking on your intellectual beliefs.

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Hominid Inter-breeding

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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K. 'platyops' not only had a much flatter face than Lucy, she also had smaller teeth. Fromrepparttar teeth,repparttar 143520 scientists conclude that it probably ate fruits, berries and small insects while A. 'afarensis' consumed tougher vegetation like roots and grasses. {The skull appears to have teeth as we do. This description of things bears little fruit ofrepparttar 143521 nature of our ancestors or how they felt, thought and developedrepparttar 143522 things that really count. It would fit very nicely withrepparttar 143523 'cave man' fiction and our 'gradually evolved' species though. Thus you can rest secure inrepparttar 143524 knowledge that YOU and especiallyrepparttar 143525 European (you) arerepparttar 143526 highest form of life ever found onrepparttar 143527 face of this planet.} 'They were unlikely to compete,' says team member Fred Spoor of University College London. 'Two species don't usually occupyrepparttar 143528 same ecological niche.'

Old flat-face could displace A. 'afarensis' as a direct link inrepparttar 143529 human lineage. Or it may be a part of a branch leading to 'Homo rudolfensis', a species with a strikingly similar face that lived in East Africa between 2.4 and 1.8 million years ago. 'You find something beautiful and new, butrepparttar 143530 conclusion is you actually know less,' says Spoor. 'But we are getting there.' - with reporting by Andrea Dorfman/New York. (1)

When all things are considered they are being disingenuous. Spoor orrepparttar 143531 others do know thatrepparttar 143532 afarensis lineage is not related to us. As torepparttar 143533 existence of super robustus australopithecines inrepparttar 143534 time, they don't mention that becauserepparttar 143535 probability of 'occupyingrepparttar 143536 same ecological niche' increasesrepparttar 143537 likelihood that humans and hominids banded together and formed protection groups against these larger foe with ability like their own. That is a possibility I think leads to social and cultural development that would pushrepparttar 143538 meaningful aspects of human life back a great deal further. The spiritual and communicational possibilities of commerce and ritual as well as dance and herbalism, expand as people form larger units. It is likely that sexual relations between different hominids occurred and made mutational potentials to generate genetic streams of over a hundred different types in Africa. To focus on Africa forgets Siberia (Diring entry) and Mungo Man. It loses sight of Gondwana whererepparttar 143539 genetic material that became all these hominids formed beforerepparttar 143540 split to South America, Australia etc. This leads to many different places on earth developing hominids. Yes, there is much to learn; but if we don't consider allrepparttar 143541 facts we will keep our heads in a very dark place that doctors might have to use surgical tools like obsidian (as fine as any today) to remove. They have recently found an ape whichrepparttar 143542 researchers think is a cross between a gorilla and a chimpanzee. It is still living in some numbers and I look forward to geneticists telling us what cannot be done while their colleagues say otherwise some more. And those geneticists did so after I wrote much of this book. They found up to 1.8 million years ago that pubic lice which are only on humans diverged in North America.

Author of Diverse Druids Guest 'expert' for World-Mysteries.com Columnist at The ES Press Magazine

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