I - I - iMac! Hype Meets Analysts

Written by Mike Valentine

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Before I turned my attention torepparttar web and small business computing a few years ago, I was an automotive journalist and hadrepparttar 107888 pleasure of attending new car introductions put on at glitzy resorts exclusively forrepparttar 107889 automotive press. Those of us that reported on new car introductions were wined, dined and entertained in first-class style by auto manufacturers and their PR firms before being givenrepparttar 107890 keys to gleaming new models as-yet-unseen byrepparttar 107891 world for first drive impressions and photo ops in stunning locales.

It's a very different world when it comes to computers as they lined up several hundred journalists outsiderepparttar 107892 doors ofrepparttar 107893 Moscone convention center for an hour-long wait and admittance to hard chairs packed shoulder to shoulder as loudspeakers urged everyone to "please move torepparttar 107894 center to be sure all seats are taken so everyone can have a seat." I'd love for Porsche to try that approach and hope for rave reviews fromrepparttar 107895 automotive press.

Some technology columnists routinely gripe aboutrepparttar 107896 lack of objectivity shown by adoring fans of any new Mac product. What is stunning is notrepparttar 107897 adoration at introductory shows, butrepparttar 107898 fact that sales figures of 6 million iMacs overrepparttar 107899 last three years fails to impress. Inevitably comparisons are made to Microsoft andrepparttar 107900 Windows operating system that powers 95% ofrepparttar 107901 PC market. One grumbling post at a tech site message board said, "You won't see iMacs dominatingrepparttar 107902 enterprise!" Darn, Dilbert! You meanrepparttar 107903 post office won't be ordering three million units?

Thank goodness!

As long as Apple needs to produce stunning designs and fun software that makes you smile while you work to attract 5% ofrepparttar 107904 PC market, we won't see mediocre beige boxes sitting in every cubicle in corporate America. Darn, I guess Macs will have to remain in movie production, music mixing, print and online publishing, design and photo studios, education (the State of Maine just ordered 36,000 iBooks for public schools) and biotech firms (Genentech ordered 1000 of these new iMacs.)

Rememberrepparttar 107905 Apple byline is "Think Different." If we all wanted Toyotas, there would be no Ferrari's. If everyone ate at MacDonald's we wouldn't need Chez Panisse. I may drive a VW Beetle and eat at home most nights, but Damn, I'm gonna have an iMac on my desktop!

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Your Electronic Filing Cabinet

Written by Doran Roggio

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When renaming a file there are a few things to consider. Files, like folders, can contain up to 255 characters excludingrepparttar /:*?"<> characters.

Do "NOT" changerepparttar 107887 last 3 characters (extension) ofrepparttar 107888 filename. Windows looks at this extension to associaterepparttar 107889 document with a specific application.

To change a file name, first selectrepparttar 107890 particular file. For example: say you have a file named "FOLLOWUPS" and you would like to changerepparttar 107891 name to "FOLLOWUP LETTERS". Selectrepparttar 107892 "FOLLOWUPS" file in your contents window (right side of Explorer window). Click onrepparttar 107893 File menu and select RENAME. The file name becomes encircled indicating you can now type inrepparttar 107894 new name. You can now type in "FOLLOWUP LETTERS" and you have successfully changedrepparttar 107895 file name.

Until you become an advanced user I would suggest that you avoid moving program and system files. However, your personal data files you can rearrange to to meet your filing needs. Selectrepparttar 107896 file or folder you want to copy or move. You can do this with more than one file or folder at a time. To select nonadjacent items, hold down CTRL key and clickrepparttar 107897 items you want to select. For adjacent items hold downrepparttar 107898 Shift key while you selectrepparttar 107899 items.

Onrepparttar 107900 Edit menu, click Copy to copyrepparttar 107901 file, or click Cut to moverepparttar 107902 file. Double-Clickrepparttar 107903 folder in which you want to place repparttar 107904 file that is being moved or copied. Onrepparttar 107905 Edit menu, click Paste. The file will now appear in its new location.

The drive and folder containingrepparttar 107906 files to be copied are calledrepparttar 107907 source drive and source folder. Respectively,repparttar 107908 drive and folder to whichrepparttar 107909 files are to be copied are called repparttar 107910 destination drive and destination folder.

The method of copying files to a floppy disk isrepparttar 107911 same procedure as copying a file to a folder. Selectrepparttar 107912 file to be copied, go torepparttar 107913 Edit menu and click Copy: Select 3 Floppy:A as your destination drive by double-clicking on its icon. On repparttar 107914 file menu select paste andrepparttar 107915 file will be copied torepparttar 107916 floppy disk. It is a wise to make backup copies of your important files on a floppy disk. Inrepparttar 107917 event of a computer crash or should you accidentally delete an file, valuable information will not be lost. To find files in Windows Explorer, click on TOOLS inrepparttar 107918 menu bar. Whenrepparttar 107919 tools drop down menu appears select FIND and then click on Files and Folders. The Find: All Files dialog box appears. Typerepparttar 107920 name ofrepparttar 107921 file you are trying to locate in repparttar 107922 Named box. Clickrepparttar 107923 Find Now button. Windows is now searching forrepparttar 107924 file indicated byrepparttar 107925 rotating magnifying glass underrepparttar 107926 New Search button.

In summation:

Windows Explorer isrepparttar 107927 application program that allows you to viewrepparttar 107928 contents ofrepparttar 107929 computer,repparttar 107930 hierarchy of folders on repparttar 107931 computer, andrepparttar 107932 files and folders in each folder.

Windows Explorer allows you to manage your electronic filing system to suit your preferences. You can copy, move, rename, or delete files and create back-up files on a floppy disk. As you create new folders, strive to develop a filing system that will allow easy access to all your computer projects.

As you create new files and folders, you many want to move them or copy them to a different location. Until you become an advanced user avoid moving program files.

When trying to locate a file remember you can userepparttar 107933 Find command in Windows Explorer. You can also userepparttar 107934 Find command onrepparttar 107935 start menu, which will also openrepparttar 107936 Find Files and Folders dialog box.

Doran Roggio is an Internet Marketer and Computer Consultant. Visit her web page for computer tips, Freeware/Shareware downloads, Free ebooks, Free IT tutorials, marketing tips, resources, and business opportunities. http://doranunlimited.com

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