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* Is there a product that can be dropped that would increase sales on others by bringing a sharper focus?

Whilerepparttar above are clear cut, it's very difficult to measurerepparttar 131958 effectiveness of any change. That is, given a change, 100 hits on a sales presentation may yield 3 sales rather than 2, but you still must do a lot of guessing. In fact, a good improvement inrepparttar 131959 presentation may result in a drop to only 1 sale inrepparttar 131960 next 100 hits. With so few hits, results are not conclusive. If you are convinced your new page is better, you may decide to keep it, and worry aboutrepparttar 131961 CR over time.

How Many Hits Can You Expect?

When a new site is opened,repparttar 131962 only hits come fromrepparttar 131963 webmaster and friends. While building content, submitting to search engines, improvingrepparttar 131964 sales presentations and all else that is required to grow a site, you will be busy. Hit counts will climb, but slowly. Sales even more slowly.

While there are those who haverepparttar 131965 experience to generate massive hit counts in very short order, evenrepparttar 131966 most determined newbie may need to be content with something between 2000 and 4000 total hits inrepparttar 131967 first year. Translate this to only a few sales of a $20 ebook, and it's easy to see why people so often do not hold on even for a year.

The good news forrepparttar 131968 persistent types is that a growth rate of ten percent per month is not out of reach. And this brings a doubling in 7.5 months. The secret? Hang in and make it happen!

It Takes A Lot Of Hits

Until you are generating two to three hundred hits a day, testing is not likely to "prove"repparttar 131969 effectiveness (or failure) of changes. In fact, even at 1000 hits per day, there will always be a need to evaluate results. In some cases, you must ignore whatrepparttar 131970 numbers appear to say.

To put this another way, suppose you are up to 1000 hits per day. If you put up a new sales presentation and your CR jumps from 2% to 4%, and stays there, there's really no choice. Hold torepparttar 131971 new version. However, you may decide to do so even ifrepparttar 131972 CR drops a tad. Why? Because results from even 1000 hits day can be circumstantial, a function ofrepparttar 131973 traffic that happened by. The new page may be determined good, so long as there is not a significant drop. In taking this choice,repparttar 131974 hope is in gains over time.

Where Does That Leave You?

Inrepparttar 131975 end, it is always a matter of judgement. With few hits, this is really all there is to go by. Given lots of hits, you will have better numbers to help you make such judgements. But you will also have greater experience. So now, as at some future date, you may need to act upon your sense of things, rather than numbers.

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"Sometimes Having It Shorter Is Better!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

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