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There is an old saying that a person can be alone in a crowd. This is true. In a busy, rushed atmosphere, people are faceless and nameless. Their surroundings are noticed for different reasons. Safety takes on different overtones, and crime and security are a menacing drill of rules. Inrepparttar more open areas, people take time to know a neighbor, respond torepparttar 123944 needs of those around them, and crime prevention is a group effort. People in small towns are not considered vagrant for sitting on a stoop and waving to a passerby is a gesture of friendship. Children are usually not relegated to day-care centers as several generations share living space. Chores are a spoken rule, not to be negotiated. Nature becomes a way of life and not an intrusion. Stars are not hidden by highrises and open windows embracerepparttar 123945 evening breezes.

Neither lifestyle isrepparttar 123946 best ifrepparttar 123947 one you have is not what you want and who you are. If walking down a forest path is not your cup of tea, thenrepparttar 123948 regal appointments of brick and mortar are where you should be. People are as different in their needs and wants as there are pebbles on a beach. Some preferrepparttar 123949 shade, while others thrive inrepparttar 123950 sun. Some are smooth and glassy, while others relishrepparttar 123951 lines of yesterday’s history.

You must be true to yourself. You must know yourself and put out that olive branch of friendship fromrepparttar 123952 person you are torepparttar 123953 person you want to become. Your best friend’s needs and goals will not mirror yours exactly. Your mother and father’s achievements may or may not bring yourepparttar 123954 same sense of pride. Your children may not understand your choices, and sometimes neither will you. But there is a tiny part of everyone’s heart that will let you know whatrepparttar 123955 right choice of living style is for you. Embrace it, welcome it, and follow it torepparttar 123956 best of your ability. If you don’t, an emptiness, a dissatisfaction, and a sadness will be your lifelong companion. Takerepparttar 123957 time to sort out your feelings, design your own map, and then follow it religiously. If you find you made a mistake, go torepparttar 123958 drawing board and start all over again. The only time you will have failed is if you drown in your own mistakes instead of pulling yourself to shore.

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A Timeless, Tried and True Formula for Achieving Big Results

Written by Gabriel Nijmeh

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This is more than just thinking about what you want; saying that you want to be rich, or you want a better is job is not enough. Everybody has those thoughts. You need to visualize and imagine it. It becomes a part of your existence andrepparttar image becomes clearer and specific. Your thoughts and dreams shape your creative thinking and ideas. Allow yourself to think freely and without limitation. Thought is a powerful tool used to generate ideas that will guide you throughrepparttar 123943 path of success. How else will we advance if no new thoughts or ideas are born.


Desire isrepparttar 123944 means by which you drive your thoughts into action. Without desire, putting your thoughts into action can be very difficult or even impossible. If your heart is not in it this will come through in your actions and behaviour. We have all experienced this sort of feeling and we find ways to get out of that rut and rebuild our passion and desires. If not, you really need to dig deeper and seek out what will fire up your burning desire!

Desire will fuel your faith, commitment and belief in yourself and what you have set out to achieve. For whatever you desire is about seeking fulfillment and self-improvement. When you want something bad enough, you should be able to see it with laser focus. You just know that you are onrepparttar 123945 right track and you start developing an action plan to get you where you want to go.

"A person must not only think, but his personal action must supplement his thought" Wallace D. Wattles - The Science of Getting Rich


This is where it all comes together- your thoughts and ideas drive your desire to act. Taking action leads towardsrepparttar 123946 outcome you have dreamed and visualized. Is it always easy? No. A lot of people fail or don’t get exactly what they want butrepparttar 123947 power of dreaming, adapting, learning and seeking fulfillment will guide you torepparttar 123948 right place.

Positive experiences will help break out negative or skeptical feelings and will help you believe that you are capable of great things.

Your success formula: Thought + Desire + Action = Results

Have faith, purpose and courage.

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