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idea, basically, is to userepparttar words in your tag as many times onrepparttar 134755 page as possible. If your site is devoted to your favourite photos, for instance, you could placerepparttar 134756 word "photograph" in your META tag and use it, and derivative words such as photo and photographic, as much as possible inrepparttar 134757 page itself. Ifrepparttar 134758 page includes, say, advice on choosing cameras and this word appears on your page several times, placing "camera" in your META tag would also be a good idea. Words placed inrepparttar 134759 META tags are usually separated by a comma:

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Translate Your Web Site and Expand Your Market

Written by June Campbell

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Translation software is an option -- and some say that it has improved inrepparttar last couple of years. However, remember that translation software cannot localise to your target marketrepparttar 134754 way a person familiar withrepparttar 134755 culture can do.

*Localisation companies can also support your business services. It is not enough to simply translate your web site. You must be able to processrepparttar 134756 orders and service your customers in their language.

*If your web site is going to be updated regularly, discuss a maintenance package. Some companies will monitor your English web site for changes, then make corresponding modifications to your international sites.

*Your web server could require special enablements. Ask your web administrator for input. Localisation companies also assist in this area. When selecting a localisation company, look for one that asks a lot of questions. They must thoroughly understand your business needs before they can providerepparttar 134757 type of service you need. A multicultural development company can also offer suggestions regardingrepparttar 134758 design of your site and how it will work in different cultures. The company might also be able to suggest ways of modifying site architecture to save you money.

*Ask your localisation company for a weekly report onrepparttar 134759 status of your project.

Fees will vary. Do price comparisons, but remember that price should not berepparttar 134760 only consideration.

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