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"" and "" are other examples from our domain auction of domain names beginning with numbers.

Page Title - Getting priority withrepparttar title of your web page is easy. Use a symbol or a number or both atrepparttar 108335 beginning of your page title. For example:

#1 Source for ... (whatever products your site offers) 1,001 Ways to ... (whatever services your site offers)

Key Search Words

The words followingrepparttar 108336 number in your domain name and page title must berepparttar 108337 key words related to your site subject usedrepparttar 108338 most in actual online searches. They should also attract visitors to come to your site by telling what is available on your site.

There are many great generic names available with high scoring key words by placing numbers atrepparttar 108339 beginning ofrepparttar 108340 names. "Airline", "automobiles", "html", "people searches", and "pictures" are all highly used search words.

You may want your company name to be your primary domain name because people already know your name and can click to your site. But, you can have any number of other domain names with high alphabetical priority and high scoring generic search words pointing to your site. To point additional domain names to your site can cost as little as $1 to $5 a month depending on your web host.

The cost of a second domain name and low monthly pointing cost are certainly worth getting thousands of visitors. You can getrepparttar 108341 qualified visitors who may not know your company name, but who use generic search words to find products or services like yours.

So, for guaranteed top placement in directories, like Yahoo with over one fourth of all searches online:

Use a domain name beginning with a number Use a domain name with high scoring search words Begin your page titles with a symbol and/or number

Use these strategies and your site will be on top ofrepparttar 108342 directories, including Yahoo. You can get all ofrepparttar 108343 qualified visitors you want withrepparttar 108344 right domain name and page titles.

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Instant Traffic Using Expired Domains

Written by Wayne Ford

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A free online tool to help you findrepparttar link popularity of an individual domain at five top search engines can be found at

Another way I recently discovered is to use this powerful software program called Popular Domains. Among other features, it allows you to import a list of expired domains and automatically checkrepparttar 108334 link popularity of each one. To learn more about it, check out

As you can see, this can be an affordable way to gain instant traffic to your site. Be nice, though, and do not abuse this technique, make surerepparttar 108335 site you are sending traffic to relates torepparttar 108336 domain. For example don't registerrepparttar 108337 expired domain '' just because it has a high link popularity and then forwardrepparttar 108338 domain to your site about Internet marketing. Other than that you may use your new domain with 'built-in' traffic however you wish!

Wayne Ford,, is the founder and president of the leading supplier of daily expired and soon-to-expire domain lists. He also publishes a free weekly newsletter packed full of domain- related information and a list of quality available domains. You may subscribe by sending a blank email to

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