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BACK UP SENSING SYSTEM The back up sensing system preventsrepparttar car from hitting another car, hittingrepparttar 142813 wall, etc. This device is equipped with a proximity sensor located inrepparttar 142814 rear portion ofrepparttar 142815 vehicle that is why during backing it gives off a warning thatrepparttar 142816 rear end of your car is going to hit an object. However, this device is optional.

CHILD SAFETY SEAT TETHERS This is actuallyrepparttar 142817 newest safety seat tethers made easier to install forrepparttar 142818 comfort ofrepparttar 142819 parents since one ofrepparttar 142820 most common problem faced by parents isrepparttar 142821 proper installation of their child safety seat.

CRASH RESISTANT DOOR PILLARS This device was developed in order to repelrepparttar 142822 force of a side-impact collision away fromrepparttar 142823 head area and towardrepparttar 142824 legs. This is achieved by means of keepingrepparttar 142825 top portion orrepparttar 142826 head portion ofrepparttar 142827 vehicle’s side post more unbending and then allowingrepparttar 142828 lower portion orrepparttar 142829 leg portion to move inward.

CRUMPLE ZONES This devices are one ofrepparttar 142830 most underrated safety features in modern vehicles since vehicles are designed to crumple in order to absorbrepparttar 142831 impact from a crash accident nevertheless maintainsrepparttar 142832 entirety ofrepparttar 142833 passenger compartment thus ensuringrepparttar 142834 safety ofrepparttar 142835 driver as well asrepparttar 142836 passengers.

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Alexa Toolbar - The Ultimate Internet Tool

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Let’s look at usingrepparttar Alexa toolbar. Load Google on to your browser and clickrepparttar 141419 #3 number inrepparttar 141420 toolbar. The Alexa Toolbar information for google shows:

1. The site isrepparttar 141421 3rd most popular site onrepparttar 141422 Internet. [Yahoo is No. 1.]

2. The site takes .8 seconds to load, which is very fast.

Next, clickrepparttar 141423 “see traffic details” link onrepparttar 141424 page to dive intorepparttar 141425 site statistics:

The site shows consistent traffic throughrepparttar 141426 year, maintaining a number 3 position. 214,00 out of every million surfers visitrepparttar 141427 site, which is an excellent “reach” rating. Each visitor views approximately 5.4 pages onrepparttar 141428 site, which means that users are working there way intorepparttar 141429 internal pages ofrepparttar 141430 site. This is always good news for a site.

As you can see, usingrepparttar 141431 Alexa Toolbar system can provide you with specific information regarding web sites. The next time you are contacted by someone claiming they have millions of hits or are considering advertising on a site, you can userepparttar 141432 Alexa toolbar to get an objective view ofrepparttar 141433 site.

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